The Grove’s Chouteau Park Becomes A Little More Real: neighborhood residents largely shrug

The Grove’s Chouteau Park Becomes A Little More Real: neighborhood residents largely shrug

*(7/13/13) The image here is the final design for Chouteau Park. The grading and sidewalks were completed summer 2013. Plans for a spray fountains, playscape, and especially a cafe or other structure remain on the drawing board pending additional funding.

Chouteau Park - The Grove, St. Louis


Chouteau Park Presentation 7.22.09

Here's the full Chouteau Park presentation by John Hoal of H3 Studio. A group of just 25 residents and other stakeholders met this week to consider options for park development. What the presentation shows is three park concepts; varied grading (Hilltop Promontory), graded amphitheater (Sculpted Lands) and flat (Urban Spaces). These are conceptual only and the final park may very well pull concepts and amenities from different concepts.

There were many varied opinions expressed by those attending the workshop, but the following two features appeared to have substantial support. 1) Some version of the graded amphitheater was generally favored as a place to have community activities, movie nights and as an attractive place for people to sit and relax which would overlook the park. 2) A water feature such as spray jets that would animate the park, pull in passersby and be popular with children and families.

There was interest, but perhaps less consensus on a restaurant/cafe in the park. Other possible amenities discussed include a skate park, dog park, various playground equipment, basketball courts and tennis courts.

What do you have to add? Not able to attend the meeting, but have ideas? Leave your comments here and I'll be sure to pass them along to the committee and H3 Studio in writing.


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