“Driving Can Seriously Harm You and Others Around You”

“Driving Can Seriously Harm You and Others Around You”

Driving Can Seriously Harm You and Others Around You

Everyone seems to be on the bandwagon against texting and driving (at least for some). The latest NY Times piece highlights a study which concludes that we are 23 times more likely to be in an accident if we are texting as we drive. But the dangerous conclusion that could be reached is that you are safe as long as you do not text while driving.

I've highlighted in the past how simply driving is dangerous, more dangerous than living in scary St. Louis City. And this is where the blog from Copenhagen is relevant. Europeans sometimes demonstrate the admirable ability to stare "personal freedoms" in their face and call a spade a spade. Much of our driving is optional. Where we choose to live dictates how much we drive. How much we drive dictates our likelihood of being injured or dying, or causing injury or death.

The question is how a campaign featuring an image such as the one above would be received in the St. Louis area?


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