One More Sign That More People Care About Forest Park Southeast: Funky Painted Fire Hydrants

If you have a keen eye you may have seen a small transformation in The Grove lately. Local artist Grace McCammond has been painting fire hydrants up and down Manchester Avenue with a motif inspired by The Grove logo. According to the 17th Ward website the Washington University Medical Center commissioned the work.

I think it’s yet another small sign that people care about the neighborhood. Painting fire hydrants is unlikely to be a cure-all, but it and the dozens of other small efforts underway will make the neighborhood a better place to live and visit.

If you’re a neighborhood resident and the colors or design don’t particularly appeal to you, don’t worry. The remaining neighborhood fire hydrants will be painted in a different theme than those on Manchester Avenue.

Grace is also the artist responsible for the 19 ft. x 11 ft. St. Louis mural inside Sweetie Pie’s: