Paul McKee Starts PR Offensive: Post Dispatch Interview and New McEagle YouTube Channel

Paul McKee and McEagle Development have created their own YouTube channel. Take a look here at McEaglesNorthside Channel. And writer Tim Logan has a quick piece in today’s Post-Dispatch about Northside. It would appear that the PR offensive has begun.

Click here for Post-Dispatch story.


When it comes to rebuilding American cities, there are two basic approaches: Big, sweeping visions. Or block-by-block rebirth.

And the conflict between those two ideas sits at the heart of the debate over Paul McKee’s plan to rebuild 1,500 acres of St. Louis’ north side.

Is the $8 billion vision — of job centers, and housing, new streets and parks — the kind of plan that St. Louis needs to become a new, more vibrant city? Or is it the top-down imposition of one man’s vision upon its citizens, bound to destroy even as it creates. Is it a shot for the moon? Or too big to succeed?


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