Monthly St. Louis Sheriff’s Land Tax Sale Highlights Desperate Need For Development

{4594 Cote Brilliante Avenue – one of 350+ available at Sheriff’s sale}

In case you didn’t know that St. Louis has more than its fair share of vacant and neglected buildings and lots, here’s further proof: This month’s Sheriff sale features more than 350 properties. Most of these are in North St. Louis and may be a target for Urban Assets LLC.

For all the potential problems with Paul McKee’s NorthSide plan and the similar Urban Assets LLC, this sale is vivid evidence that North Side properties are not in demand. And their bargain basement prices are not the result of McKee’s neglect. Will small developers or individuals buy at the sale or will large developers continue purchasing lots no one else appears to want only to be vilified?

St. Louis City Sheriff’s Land Tax Sale – June 2009