International Photography Hall of Fame Coming to Chouteau’s Landing Development

The International Photography Hall of Fame looks to be the first major tenant of the Powell Square building and Chouteau’s Landing Development. While I can’t say that I’ve visited the IPHF, it’s apparent that it’s a well-established, quality organization and one that we should be very excited to see coming to St. Louis. The fact that it’s slated to occupy part of a revitalized Powell Square is a huge bonus.

According to the St. Louis Business Journal the IPHF will occupy 10,000 square feet of the 122,000 square foot Powell Square building. The move-in date depends on when the rest of the building is leased and renovated. The Hall of Fame has been in Oklahoma City since 1983 and includes 5,000 cameras and 35,000 photographic images. The IPHF will not host exhibitions this year and presumably their next show will be held in St. Louis.