Exploring Columbus, Ohio’s German Village

Exploring Columbus, Ohio’s German Village
I had the opportunity to explore German Village in Columbus, OH today for a short time. The snapshot slideshow below represents just a little of what there is to see, but should give a feel for the district. Check out The German Village Society website for more history and other information. What struck me as I walked the neighborhood was how the historic district incorporates modern infill, rehabilitation and adaptation instead of demanding exacting standards.

From the Society: “As you read the design guidelines, notice there are few outright prohibitions. Nor does the Commission stipulate specific designs or solutions to problems; it prefers that you have the freedom to plan your own rehabilitation or construction work. At the same time, the Commission has a mandate from the city to channel this work so that it complements the Village’s character.”

Excellent approach, fantastic result. This should be a model for several St. Louis neighborhoods and is a good reminder that historic preservation in not an all-or-nothing endeavor.

{map of German Village}


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