Artist Bernar Venet Successfully Created “Place” In Forest Park (And Now It’s Gone)

{Venet’s “230.5 Degree ARC x 5” as placed in Forest Park}

For all that I love about Forest Park, I haven’t been feeling “places.” In a previous post I mentioned a temporary sculpture installation that did successfully bring “place” to an area of the park. Thanks to another urban junkie on the Urban St. Louis forum I have tracked down a little more information on that now gone installation.

The sculptor’s name is Bernar Venet and the temporary installation was courtesy of the Gateway Foundation. Forest Park was just a stop on the sculpture’s way to a permanent home in the new City Garden, a two square block urban sculpture park in the heart of St. Louis and a component of the Gateway Mall.

{another view of “230.5 Degree ARC x 5” in Forest Park}

The television program Living St. Louis did a short piece on Venet when his piece was still in Forest Park. The essential comment comes very near the end when it is said that Venet’s sculpture “activated” the space in which it sat. Exactly. Sadly it is no more.