Running out of excuses: St. Louis’ mythical Chouteau Greenway needs a public vision

I dream of the day that a short film like this can be made about the mythical Chouteau Greenway . . .

Of course the greenway project in St. Louis isn’t exactly a myth. HOK has the project on their website and Richard Baron of the very productive McCormack/Baron as well as Mayor Francis Slay mention the project from time to time. And of course there are a few Emerald City-like renderings and maps of the project floating around the Internet:

It’s past time that real leadership be shown on this project and that it move from the drawing board and happy mention in speeches to a very public mission. Let’s see a timeline, let’s see next steps and a final vision. This is an opportunity to at once highlight and mollify the urban fracture that is the Mill Creek Valley, to connect people, not just cars, across St. Louis. This should be a transformative project, but it currently lacks high-profile transformative leadership. Meanwhile everyone’s talking about it: Kevin McGowan