Missouri bans texting for drivers 21 and younger

For some reason Missouri politicians seem to think that if you’re 22-years-old you can handle texting and driving. While texting may be more common among younger individuals, it’s now ubiquitous among all age groups.

The bill’s sponsor Sen. Ryan McKenna, D-Crystal City knows this is ridiculous. The original version applied to drivers of all ages and passed the state Senate 32-2. Someone should have to answer as to why they altered the bill to exlude themselves. Could it be that State business in so important that a legislator must be able to text at all times? Or maybe they simply can’t think of going cold turkey, “txtng lws not made 4 us!”

I suppose that there’s no dollar amount on a bill that simply prohibits something, but if we were serious about making driving safer we would invest in building safer roads AND mass transit that would ensure that fewer people drove, resulting in greater safety for everyone. Texting and riding Metrolink? Now THAT’s something we can all do safely!