Landmarks Association celebrates reborn buildings in St. Louis (nearly anything can be rehabbed)

Landmarks Association celebrates reborn buildings in St. Louis (nearly anything can be rehabbed)
The St. Louis Beacon has a slideshow featuring the Landmarks Association of St. Louis, Inc. Most Enhanced Awards. These are amazing examples that everyone should see. The next time that someone tells you that a building can’t be saved just send them a link to the following.

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1. 1416 Hebert St., two historic houses, one dating back to 1880, renovated by James Cox and Luz-Maria Evans.

2. Winston Churchill Apartments, a 1927 apartment building at 5475 Cabanne Ave., renovated by Friedman Development Ltd and Dublin Capital.

3. Irving School, a public school at 3829 North 25th St. dating back to 1871, renovated for housing by Tim Wolf, Tim Person and Ken Nuernberger.

4. Tudor Building, a 1925 commercial building at 1901-1937 Washington Ave., renovated by developer Pete Rothschild, Robert Wood and Dan Holak.

5. Forest Park Hall, built in 1908 as a lodge hall with commercial space at 4512 Manchester Ave., renovated by Sitelines and Renaissance Development.

6. Hotel Indigo, built in 1957 at 4630 Lindell Blvd. as a Bel Air Motel, renovated by Michael and Steve Roberts.

7. 2730 McNair Ave., an 1885 corner commercial building, renovated by Phoenix Development.

8. 1814 Sidney St., an 1884 house and attached storefront, renovated by Rothschild Development.

9. Goodyear Tire & Rubber, built in 1916 at 3010 Locust St., renovated by Renaissance Development.

10. The Power House, built in 1927 at 1100 Clark Ave. to generate steam for nearby municipal buildings, renovated by Cannon Design as its office.

11. Harry Hammerman House, built in 1954 at 219 Graybridge Rd. in Ladue, renovated by Ray Simon.

12. Rawhide Building, constructed in 1904 as two commercial buildings at 4229-4231 Manchester Ave., renovated by Pete Rothschild.

13. Lindenwood School, a public school built in 1928 at 7018 Mardel Ave., renovated by Rothschild Development.

14. G. W. Lofts, built between 1894 and 1907 at 2615 Washington Ave. renovated by McGowan-Walsh.


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