New Town St. Charles: Your future is here (it’s ugly)

New Town St. Charles: Your future is here (it’s ugly)

{an aerial photo of New Town St. Charles}

For all the hype, New Urbanism has largely failed to live up to its ideals – and it's a wonderful idea as it exists in theory and academia. Despite the complaints from New Urbanism adherents that if only they were allowed to enact their plan in entirety the new communities would flourish, development after development is failing.

The pattern is becoming familiar: a developer, real estate agents and homebuilders want to build new; an entire new city complete with schools, libraries, churches and cafes is announced; buyers are sold on a walkable community; amenities are incomplete, businesses close or need to be subsidized; residents drive more than ever (their new town was built miles from existing amenities).

New Town is next.

Markham: Another Failed New Urbanism Development

{a view of Markham}

{a view of New Town}


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