Big Box Reuse: from K-mart to small business-mart

Big Box Reuse: from K-mart to small business-mart

{the Hazelwood K-mart undergoing renovation}

In case you’ve missed it Big Box reuse is all the rage. There are community centers, churches, museums and more taking the place of large footprint retail stores. Whether it’s a Circuit City, K-mart or last generation Walmart, Big Box stores are a blight to the landscape of many towns.

CargoBay has brought Big Box reuse to St. Louis with the conversion of the former 80,000 square-foot K-mart in Hazelwood at Lindbergh and I-270. CargoBay provides a small business campus to everyone from plumbers to Internet start-ups by providing offices, conference rooms, a break room, document storage and more at a monthly rate as low as $399.

The conversion features 45 offices and 38,000 square feet of storage space. The St. Louis Business Journal reports there is a waiting list for the space that includes lawyers and financial consultants, among others. It will be some time before we know whether such efforts result in sustainable reuse, however we should welcome the reoccupying of a vacant building. CargoBay is reportedly looking at additional sites in St. Louis. Any ideas where they should go next?

{nearly completed Hazelwood CargoBay}

{interior of Hazelwood CargoBay}


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