A closer look at the FPSE footbridge

A closer look at the FPSE footbridge
Looking south on Euclid Avenue it’s apparent how far west the footbridge extends. The master plan for the medical center shows the oldest part of the CID (nearest Euclid) as a future building site. Perhaps the footbridge is farther west as a result.

The next photo shows the footbridge terminating all the way across the CID west parking lot with the ramp to Clayton/Euclid visible.

The approach to the north end of the footbridge:

A closer shot:

Here you can see the end of the 4500 block of Chouteau. The footbridge is far enough west that the sidewalk leading to the footbridge will align with Chouteau.

I welcome and applaud nearly any accomodations made for pedestrians and I am glad that this footbridge is in place. However, I hope that this does not lessen the pedestrian accomodations on the future Taylor Avenue bridge. The footbridge adds convenience to the 4500 blocks of FPSE. It’s a great accomodation for the neighborhood and will be a somewhat more scenic option for all, but the majority of pedestrians will continue to use Taylor Avenue and the upcoming replacement of that bridge will test whether pedestrians are truly valued.


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