Grove Properties Plans Mixed-Use on Manchester

Grove Properties Plans Mixed-Use on Manchester

Grove Properties plans a four story building on the 4500 block of Manchester in the Grove District of the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood. The mixed-use building would contain 71 apartments and 2-4 retail bays. There is an outdoor amenity space with a pergola on the second floor. There is no word as to whether there will be any affordable units or whether any tax incentives will be sought. The architects are Roman Rojas and Jeffrey McGee of Design Alliance.

The site plan shows 32 ground floor parking spaces within the building and 18 more surface spots across the alley covering 4527 and 4531 Swan. That makes for a parking ratio of 0.7 per housing unit. This is less than the city-mandated one per unit in force throughout most of the city. A variance isn’t required here because Forest Park Southeast has a form based code which removed parking mandates. It actually has a parking maximum of 1 per unit. Had they been subject to the mandate either the building would have had to be smaller, more land would be wasted on surface parking spreading things out coercing more car dependency, or costly and resource-intensive structured parking below grade or via an additional floor would have provided more spaces without using more land. Options for additional parking would have driven up the project’s cost to varying degrees and be paid for via higher rents and/or tax subsidies.

View from Swan Ave looking north

Fulfilling the plan requires demolition of six residential buildings. Demo permit applications were first submitted last fall. There was no proposal for a replacement at the time, and CRO staff denied the applications.

NextSTL – Demo Alert: 4534-56 Manchester

These demolitions will be considered by the Preservation Board at their Oct. 24th meeting (Agenda). Cultural Resources Office staff recommend-

That the Preservation Board grant Preliminary Approval for the demolition of six buildings and the construction of a 4-story mixed-used building with the condition that that Cultural Resources Office review and approve final design details and exterior materials and colors.


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