America’s Sorriest Bus Stop is no more

America’s Sorriest Bus Stop is no more

Crowned by Streetsblog readers in 2015, America’s Sorriest Bus Stop is no more. The stop ran away with the title, garnering 42% of the votes in a field of eight.

Streetsblog – St. Louis Stunner Runs Away With the Vote for America’s Sorriest Bus Stop

The stop was removed as part of a bus system route and schedule reorganization by Metro called Metro Reimagined. The 49 Lindbergh route now continues east on Baur Blvd to Ashby Rd to Page. This allows for transfers between the 94 Page bus at little bit less scary locations.

Page Stroad near a bus stop at Ruckert Ave

The route change to a more circuitous one brings up one of the trade-offs in transit route planning. The longer route goes closer to more destinations, but for someone starting and ending a trip beyond them, the trip is longer. Check out Jarrett Walker’s article for a deeper dive.

Human Transit – The Transit Ridership Recipe


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