Hint of Progress Towards Phase One of Armory Residential

Hint of Progress Towards Phase One of Armory Residential

There’s a hint that residential by the Armory is proceeding. A permit application was submitted Jan 7th for the demolition of the south side of 3650 Market which could be to make way for the phase 1 building. The StL Business Journal reported in May that the first phase was 265 apartments and an estimated cost of $80M. A street ramping up from Prospect Ave to Grand Ave is shown though due to the the highway onramp, it can’t line up with Bernard St.

Approximate location of Phase 1

In April the Armory District Master Plan rendering was shown by Green Street’s Phil Hulse during a CMT Talking Transit presentation.

Update Feb 11, 2022- The plan went before the Planning Commission for rezoning this week.


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