Entry #2 What Should Be at Grand and Lafayette

Entry #2 What Should Be at Grand and Lafayette

Zeppa on Grand

View Lookest Southwest from McRee at the Salus Center

Zeppa on Grand, named after the Italian word for wedge, is a groundbreaking mixed-use mid-rise in the heart of south St. Louis, whose intricate scalloped façade works to create unique, comfortable interior spaces for its inhabitants. Sandwiched between some of St. Louis’ most vibrant neighborhoods and commercial districts, Zeppa works to redefine the relationship between a building and its environment through pinpointing sightlines and harnessing the power of the sun. Engineered to maximize natural light, each wedge provides a different view of South Grand and the beautiful Compton Hill Water Tower while soaking each room in sunshine from morning to dusk.

Looking North towards Midtown from Lafayette

Rising 95 feet above the bustling South Grand, Zeppa will bring 120 market rate apartments, 60 hotel rooms, 20 designated low income units, and 16,000 square feet of street-facing commercial space to the strip, working to bridge the gap between the serene arts district to the north and the buzzing nightlife of the south. In addition to the one-of-a-kind living spaces, residents and guests alike are sure to enjoy all that Zeppa has to offer, with amenities such as a pool, spa, and 24-hour gym complex included in the layout. With a parking to bed ratio of 0.85, inhabitants are encouraged to use more environmentally-friendly and affordable transportation options. A bus stop just feet from the lobby area and a secure bike closet in the back are just some of the ways Zeppa promotes transit options.

Aerial showing the scalloped façade designed to maximize natural light and sightlines

With an estimated construction cost of $36 million, Zeppa would reimagine the future of St. Louis infill, optimizing land usage in an explosive neighborhood. This contemporary structure is superior in every form to the previously proposed QuikTrip gas station, and a mixed-use mid-rise is precisely what this specific parcel and Tiffany needs. From dark walnut hardwoods and glossy ceramics to a rich masonry façade and corten steel accents, everything about Zeppa breathes grandeur without sacrificing convenience or comfort. For Tiffany and for St. Louis, Zeppa checks all the boxes.

Detailing of the intracate façade


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