Kopler exploring Hotel on York Ave in Central West End

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If Sam Koplar’s vision comes true, York Avenue in The Central West End will be transformed from a functional if sometimes ugly alley into a dense and vibrant urban street. NextStl sources first alerted us to this project last month. Kopler Properties has been exploring development possibilities for the site at 215 York Ave, a location wedged between the York House residences and the Chase Park Plaza parking garage. Lululemon, The Cup and Bar Louie anchor the northern edge of the street at Maryland Plaza. A fantastic pedestrian walkway heads west from York behind The Cup. However, the back of the Argyle parking garage forms much of the eastern wall of the street.

Now the website Building St. Louis News has published a rendering first posted on the UrbanStl.com forum which shows an AC by Marriot hotel on the site. We do not know where in the planning process the project is at this time.

Koplar Properties redeveloped Maryland Plaza in 2004 and completed a $12 million renovation of the York House apartments in 2012. Recent openings along Maryland have included Bonobos and Suit Supply. It is believed that a previous project planned for Koplar’s parking lot at the southeast corner of Lindell and Kingshighway failed to move forward due to differences between Koplar and partner the Koman Group about the scale of that project. Koplar remains owner of that site.

If the York Ave project is confirmed, an AC by Marriot would be the hotel line’s second planned St. Louis location. The first location is expected to open at the Jefferson Arms downtown. Headquartered in Madrid, AC by Marriot entered the US market in 2014 and has seen rapid expansion. With over 80 hotels globally, the hotel line was launched to target Generation Y travellers seeking a “design-led” hotel experience.

Humble York Avenue may have an exciting future. NextStl will post confirmation and updates as they become available.

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  • citylover

    I think there’s been so much news in the CWE that this development just seems meh. If this was replacing a surface lot downtown, I’d go nuts.

    The bar is set high here. With all the growth on Euclid and soon, One Hundred, I want pretty/ and or tall.

    • STLEnginerd

      Not sure what someone can reasonably expect at this location.

      Would you like the view overlooking the chase park garage, or would you prefer one overlooking the public library garage. Given the limitations of the site, plus no demo, I think this proposal is outstanding..

      • jhoff1257

        Agreed. For the site, I think it’s a great fit.

      • citylover

        Per the STL today article, the KPLR building will be demo’d to make room as well as the surface parking lot. So there will be demo. Just frankly one that nobody cares about.

        Do you prefer the hotel sit at level with the garages? I rather see over them than in them.

        I believe the newly completed highrise, 212 in Clayton, “overlooks” the Metro garage. Doesn’t make the views ungraceful.

        I think the proposal is good and the incoming hotel rooms–awesome. I just don’t think the design is necessarily a wow-factor by any means. I do like how they wedged it in the space they had. And that York will have added streetlife. Spring groundbreaking is promising

  • Presbyterian

    Update: The Post-Dispatch has picked up the story. They report that Koplar is partnering with Andy Holloran and his development company HomeBase. Plans are for 192-rooms.

  • jhoff1257
  • Auguste

    You can tell that this site is being run by new folks, because Alex would have never given credit to where he found the story. So, thank you for showing some honorable journalism!

  • Christopher Eichhorn

    Always glad to see more development, but god help them if The Cup permanently closes as a consequence of this. Do you hear me, Marriot?

    • Nick Johnson

      Agreed. If you click the rendering link, it appears that the new structure would not replace the building that faces Maryland, hopefully sparing any and all businesses currently using that space.

      • Marc D

        You do know that the Koplar’s own Maryland place. they aren;t going to chop off their own building. This will only sit between York House and Maryland Place.

    • jhoff1257

      None of the buildings on Maryland are getting replaced for this. This would occupy the very small surface lot on York and what looks to be a very small services building behind York House.

    • jhoff1257
      • Adam

        Too bad. I really liked the angled windows in the previous rendering. This iteration looks… cheaper.

        • John

          Agreed. This version has less personality than the first rendering with the angled windows. Oh well.

        • brickhugger

          agreed. replacing the white siding (efis?) with good brick would be much better. Or glass and metal in some cool pattern. I agree with that this design would fit better in Effingham

      • opendorz

        Simply hideous. On par with a budget-brand, cookie cutter off the exit ramp in Effingham, IL.

        • jhoff1257

          Hideous is a bit strong. I don’t hate it. I do like the rendering up top a bit more, but for the site this is a good fit. It’s going to be sandwiched between two parking garages in a glorified ally. It’s not terrible.