Mixed Use Project Moves forward in Grove

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Spencer Development has applied for a $12 million zoning permit for it’s mixed use development planned for the wedge between Manchester and Chouteau. At the east entrance to The Grove, the seven story project at 4101 Manchester will include 33 residential units, a floor of offices, first floor retail and structured parking.

An earlier version of the project was tagged at $6.25 million. The City selected Spencer as developer for the site last November after Spencer beat out two other contenders. The developer closed on the site — currently a surface parking lot — in June of this year.


The design by Trivers Associates includes a screened third floor terrace to ease the visual transition between the tower and it’s low-rise neighbors. While an earlier rendering highlighted expanses of glass curtain wall, the current design softens the impact of the glass by pulling forward balconies on the residential floors. Horizontal concrete floors and vertical piers are articulated on the building’s exterior. Vertical slats on the second level serve to break up the expanse of the facade while shielding the parking level from view. Offices on the third level will help insulate residences above from parking noise below.

The project has been awarded ten years of tax abatement. Across the street is rising Chroma, formerly Chouteau’s Grove, a four story, 235 unit mixed use residential project by Green Street Development and the Koman Group.

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  • John

    Needs more TREES in front. Not thrilled about the developers getting a welfare handout tax abatement, but I know, I know…let the excuses flow for the justification of stealing tax dollars.

  • Imran

    Can anyone spot the ramp for parking?

  • Jason Fossella

    Do we know if it’s condos or apartments? I would so buy a unit there.

    • Whipple


  • Hannah

    It looks great, but as a potential future resident the large balconies (now removed) would have been the largest draw.

    • Nick Johnson

      Nice sized balconies appear to be part of the new design, but the program used in the top rendering gives them a different look to where the “shadows” are deceiving. I think all three renderings on this page are actually from the same plan.

      • Presbyterian

        Yes, this is correct. The top image is from the west. The other two are viewed from the east.

    • Marc D

      The balconies are still there…
      You should still be interested tho I don’t think they are going to have a hard time filling it if you don’t.

  • Daniel Schmidt

    So does anyone recall what incentives are being given to develop this property?

    • matt

      “The project has been awarded ten years of tax abatement.”
      Per article. Not sure if its full abatement or a %.

      • Daniel Schmidt

        Thanks, missed that last paragraph there. I looked up the ordinance granting the abatement and it is exactly what is written above, so I’d say full abatement. I’d like to see the what the developers ROI projections are with and without incentives. Likely making a pretty sweet deal on this.

  • Michael B

    Seven stories!!! Should make it the tallest building in the Grove (in a tie with 4030 Chouteau, which is just down the street). It’s great to see empty lots become multi-story developments. Looking forward to more of this development in the future.

  • Jakeb

    Wonderful news!

  • Whipple

    Why isn’t this kind of development downtown? Why did the City allow this intersection to be destroyed for cars, only to rebuild it a few years later for people, now with a totally degraded environment for them?

    • Nick

      Yeah! Let’s sit around and sulk about the past instead of celebrating a great addition to the city!

      • Whipple

        Maybe we should stop tearing down the City for gas stations

        • Brett

          I agree. Write your alderman.

          • Whipple

            I do, they don’t seem to care, ie Christine Ingrassia

        • Nick

          Exactly! Forget about the fact this building is going up on an empty surface lot and has nothing to do with tearing down anything at all! Fantastic job staying on topic!

          • jhoff1257

            I think it’s safe to say that no matter what happens in St. Louis or how great it is for the City, Whipple here will be surly and pissed off about it.

          • Whipple

            It has plenty to do with it. Tear something urban down for a gas station because we give up on a place, only to see investment a few years later, whoops, I guess we shouldn’t have given up so easily.

          • jhoff1257

            If you’re referring to the QuikTrip up the street that’s over 1,000 feet from this parcel, not 50. I don’t disagree with you on your thoughts regarding gas stations in urban areas (or the suburban styled Commerce Bank across the street) but I guess I don’t see the need to demonize this project for something another developer did a couple years ago. This is a step forward for the neighborhood no matter what exists up the block.

          • Nick

            Could not agree more! There’s like 20 gas stations in the parking lot where this building is going up!

          • Whipple

            Actually there IS a gas station coming down right behind this lot, shows what you know, too bad they built a new one across the street, dooming pedestrian access for the foreseeable future, thanks for playing.

          • Nick

            You could not have possibly missed my point(s) any more than you have. I give up. Enjoy your day of trolling.

        • Andy

          This is not at the intersection where the QT is. It is the wedge parking lot further down the street bounded by Manchester-Sarah-Chouteau-the Siam restaurant.

          • Whipple

            Yes, it’s 50 feet away

          • Andy

            The QT is .2 miles away. I’m not defending the QT as development but it has nothing to do with this development.

    • jhoff1257

      This is a small combined office/residential/retail project. Much smaller then the massive mixed used development that’s due to break ground in Downtown St. Louis this year. Must you be so pissed off about everything? This is a great project for the Grove and for this site.


  • Smokes

    Nice development! Love it.