Regions Bank, Retail Proposed for Surface Lot at 8321 Maryland in Clayton

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Plans presented to the City of Clayton by Regions Bank propose building a bank and a second retail building on the surface parking lot at 8321 Maryland Avenue, on the north side of the city’s central business district. The two structures are quite modest, with the bank totaling 2,700sf and the retail building of 3,000sf split for two tenants. Surface parking (30 spaces) sits behind the building, as does a bank drive-through.

The $3.5M project requires a special use permit for the drive-through, and approval from the Clayton Architectural Review Board. The project is being designed by The Roberts Group of Kentucky. The parking lot occupies a full block of frontage on Maryland and totals 0.81 acres. According to the project application, the site was approved for a 5/3 Bank project in 2015 that would have included a drive-though. 5/3 never acted on its approved permits, instead selling the land to Regions.


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  • Goomba

    A mixed-use project would be preferred, but the simple fact that parking is located behind the building is a big step forward for St. Louis.

  • Scratching my head at this one. How does the developer not see the potential of maximizing this prime high-income location with some real mixed-use density?

    • RM

      Totally agree, even something as simple as two stories with the top floor either being apartments or just straight office space. And imagine if you could have apartments there with a small rooftop – would be an amazing view. I’m sure it comes down to this stupid parking situation….Clayton requires 1 parking spot for every 333 sq ft. So a 1000 sq foot apartment/office would require at least 3 parking spots! Crazy. Meanwhile the street parking along Maryland is barely used.

      • The excessive parking requirement is especially stupid considering the current parking lot is actually chained off to the public, so it’s not even used for parking. Kinda reminds me of the driveway that the Ambassador Theatre building was demolished for that is chained off, so it’s not even used for its intended purpose.

  • PD

    This feels underwhelm for that strip. Add a couple stories of office and itll probably look better. That lot has been empty since the BMW dealership left years ago.

  • Benjamin Aronov

    Hope this means they’re moving out of the building across from Schnucks and not the Maryland/Forsyth building. That whole sea of parking lots hugging 170 needs to go.

  • John

    This development is probably more palatable for the neighboring residents than a high-rise building. The small courtyard/walkway between the two buildings needs a landscaped planter bed.

    • Adam

      doesn’t need to be a high rise, though. something ~6 stories would be great there.

  • Adam

    seems like an ideal spot for something bigger and/or mixed use but whatever. hard to get excited about a suburban 1-story bank + drive-through.