The Alverne Finds Salvation as Gallery 1014 Apartments

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The building at Locust and 11th Streets in downtown St. Louis has long been considered to have one of the least attractive, most debased facades among the city’s historic high rises. It wasn’t always this way of course.

It was built in 1923 as a home for the City Club of St. Louis, which would close in 1933. The Missouri Hotel opened in 1926 to be followed by the Hotel Desoto, which operated into the 1950s. Purchased by the Archdiocese of St. Louis in 1956, the facade was striped of its ornamentation and opened as a seniors home under the name Hotel Alverne. The modernist renovation brought a new street level facade, tile mosaics, and a chapel.

The building’s residential units were vacated in 1987 and a according to the website Built St. Louis, a procession of nightclubs occupied the ground floor until approximately 2010 (Hyperspace 1995-1996, Flavour 1996-1997, Ten14 2004-2010).

Alverne_downtown St Louis{The Alverne as the Hotel Desoto, c. 2014, and undergoing renovation}

The Alverne is now Gallery 1014, another of developer Brian Hayden’s “Gallery” collection of half a dozen properties. Hayden, uniquely, has set about redeveloping unconventional residential properties, and again uniquely, has eschewed incentives such as historic tax credits and tax increment financing.

Besides introducing market-rate, subsidy free housing, Hayden has brought unique housing units to the market. They’re not the historic lofts known across downtown, and they’re not new construction like the Roberts Tower.

Inside the Alverne from the National Register of Historic Places application:

Alverne Alverne2Alverne3 Alverne4


From Gallery 1014 (The Alverne)

Our newest addition to the Gallery Apartments family: Built in 1924 as the City Club of St. Louis this historic building at 11th and Locust Streets in Downtown has been fully renovated. Gallery 1014 features brand-new two-story apartments with 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom floor plans. Most have private balconies and wet bars. Gallery 1014 is pet friendly.

Enjoy such amenities as a roof top saltwater pool, community courtyard, rooftop terrace with sun deck, BBQ, and large gated dog park. Personal service and safety are our top priorities with on-site management, secured entrance, video surveillance, and secured access elevators.

Monthly rates start at $1,225/mo for a 765sf 1BD 1.5BA apartment, with the unit mix including similar units with an interior courtyard balcony, 2BD/2BA, and 3BD/2BA with balconies, topping out at $2,295/mo.

1014Patio3 1014Patio 1014Entrance 504Stairs1 504Living 504Kitchen2 504BedroomStairs2 504Bedroom4 504Bedroom2 504BathroomWindow 504BathroomChandelier 504Bathroom3 504Bathroom


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  • citylover

    Seems like this design could appeal to families. Downtown lacks ample options for 3BR apartments so Alverne can make positive impact. I really like what the developer did with the windows. If this was a mixed use project with Arcade amenities I could see prices being justified. But I suppose demand is high for living downtown. Need more supply 🙂

  • Michael C.

    These are very good prices and it’s extremely cheap compared to Chicago. Saint Louis is a phenomenal place to live for a good price. Who needs to buy a home when you can live in something like this. Beautiful.

  • D San

    Um, $2200 a month and that is the best we can do with tile? There are still tile spacers by the tub, uneven tiles, and paint on the tile. Mega FAIL.

  • Jason Stokes

    Wow, $2200 a month can get you an enormous amount of mortgage and a lot of house in St. Louis.

    • Bob

      If you ignore the 20% down and lost opportunity cost of investing that 20%. And closing costs. Perhaps some prefer to be more flexible or aren’t looking to live in one dwelling for more than 5-7 years.

    • Wayne Burkett

      This is sort of like looking at the price of a sedan and exclaiming that you could get a 4×4 truck for the same price. If you’re talking to someone in the market for a sedan, then telling them price of a truck is a non sequitur.

      More seriously: an apartment isn’t merely a fallback option for people who can’t afford a house. I know this is weird for a lot of Midwesterners, but some people prefer apartment/condo living.

      • Jason Stokes

        You’re right – I should have been more clear. I’m personally shocked that anyone would spend $2200 a month on an apartment in downtown St. Louis. Given the low transaction costs these days, and low cost of ownership, one can buy a lot of house for that price (someplace to live) and then sell it while still spending less – even over a very short time horizon.

        Some would rather rent – absolutely. For me – I find these rent prices very high compared to what our 3 bd / 2 ba home cost.

        • jhoff1257

          They wouldn’t be charging that if the market wouldn’t support those prices. There are apartments in the Central West End going for $5,000+ per month. These parts of the City are booming right now, you can only expect them to climb from here. Not everyone wants a house and a mortgage and all the other BS that comes with that. Different strokes for different folks. It’s really not that shocking lol.

        • Peter

          Mortgage, down payment, taxes + Insurance + gas + cost of pool, heating and cooling costs, repairs, cut the lawn, pay subdivision fees, Seeing the costs are between $1,200 & $2,300 with $2,300 being the largest model, I think that very affordable for new construction next to the SLU law school/Webster, restaurants, shopping and available parking in the building. Wish I would have done that when I was younger.

          • Dan

            Agree, compelling looking units. Close to train, grocery, lots of dining, etc. I would expect no problem for high levels of occupancy. This is at a higher price point than the Arcade building, but not by a lot. I’ve heard that is completely full, and hasn’t even been open a year.

          • the Arcade filled before it officially opened. downtown is crazy hot.

  • John

    Interesting redevelopment. I wish them much success, and hope more historic properties in downtown St. Louis will be renovated to encourage more residents.