Biopharmaceutical Giant Pfizer Looking For New St. Louis Home

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nextSTL has learned that Fortune 500 company Pfizer is scouting several sites for a new homebase in the St. Louis region.. The biopharmaceutical giant currently occupies space at the Monsanto Chesterfield Village Research Center, where it conducts research on large molecule medicines and vaccines. Pfizer also has a group of area employees in Weldon Spring.

There are approximately 1,000 Pfizer employees in Missouri. 500 are based in St. Louis. Industry insiders say the company need for new space is a necessity. Monsanto is in the middle of a major expansion at its 210-acre Chesterfield campus, and Pfizer’s lease is nearing expiration.

Sources say Pfizer is planning to build a 250,000 sq ft to 300,000 sq ft production facility with office space. A St. Louis County location near Monsanto world headquarters in Creve Coeur, and another in Chesterfield have been identified by sources among the field of potential sites. Additionally, the Missouri Research Park in St. Charles County has been mentioned.

The 180-acre Missouri Research Park is affiliated with the University of Missouri System. It was developed for high-tech and research facilities. 15 tenant companies and two federal agencies employ approximately 2,000 people within the park.

nextSTL will keep you updated with new information regarding this development as we receive it. An attempt to reach Pfizer representative Mia De Jesus for comment was unsuccessful.

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  • kjohnson04

    Cortex. Downtown. Why are they acting like this is a really hard, head-scratching decision? Although, to be fair, if not the city, the Missouri Research Park in St. Charles seem likely to be the best locale.

    • Tim E

      Obviously tough for whatever reason and certainly can understand John R’ argument even though I think Pfizer could easily be accommodated within CORTEX (it has a big footprint).

      I’m probably more and just as disappointed in Entreprise Holdings announcing they bought two Maryland Heights office buildings for their growing IT group, 450 employees and growing.
      I was hoping that they were some how involved in the 1010 Market Street purchase at the recent auction downtown. Talk about a great fit to house and bring in new employees downtown. Instead, I guess the Taylor family will keep building its empire in the county and gave the occasionally charity donations to projects in the city once in a while or support a sports stadium..but putting IT employees near one of the growing tech areas, whether it be CORTEX or within walking distance of T-Rex is the type of corporate support needed.

  • Riggle

    So,they have zero employees in st louis…

  • Tim E

    Sounds like a great fit for CORTEX/Wexford US Metals site. Would require a little hustle to get their game on as everyone wants to go west for their wide open campus feel. Wonder if Pfizer has many BJC/Wash U Medical ties? or will it be that Pfizer has such a long term west county presence that a lot of employees will be pushing hard for Missouri Research Park?
    Thought Bunge NA moving its test/research from Chicago area into CORTEX would also have been a good fit but none the less it went to Missouri Research Park. Also, In mentioning Creve Coeur brings up the fact that you got CORTEX, Missouri Research Park and St Louis County future research park with Dansforth/Creve Coeur all competing against each other like the multitudes of the industrial parks dotting the region.

    • John R

      Unfortunately I don’t think this will work for Cortex if my understanding is correct that this is more of a production facility-oriented project than a pure research & development one. Comparing to Pfizer’s facilities in the Boston area you’ll see R&D would be a no-brainer for Cortex as it’s our region’s Kendall Square/Cambridge, but they have their production facility with office in outlying Andover and the large facility is not exactly screaming “urban innovation district.”

      Something like Green Street’s project at the old south riverfront reclaimed brownfield site may be better-suited for the city than Cortex if the production facility is large. If its not as large as Andover, maybe the area in Cortex that was just demolished backing up to Highway Farty might work.