Investment in Lemp Brewery Continues with $500K Roof Repair

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Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.20.53 AM

While no redevelopment plans are imminent, the owners of the sprawling historic Lemp Brewery complex on Broadway in south St. Louis City continue to invest in the property. Perhaps nothing is more essential than keep the water out of the buildings, so while the $500K permit for a new roof may not be what many would find exciting, it is an important investment in the future of the property.

The permit is for the three-story, approximately 120K sf building at the corner of Broadway and Cherokee, just west of I-55 (at far right below). Issued 03/24/2016, the contractor is listed as Artisan Building Co.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.15.48 AM

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  • Becky

    I have a wine corkscrew.

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  • Rich Miller

    Need to know if the property is or going to be for sale?

  • chucksiebel

    I have an early 1900’start Lemp tin type.

  • brickhugger

    While it’s good that there are tenants in the complex, if we are looking for a large-scale use for the complex, let’s create it. the best use would be as a brewery, but that’s obviously not happening, so how about a close second: a university dedicated to beverage research and manufacture? with all the brewers, vintners, distillers, soda, and coffee manufacturers in the area (and nearby in the case of spirits), it seems like that would be a good alternate use, that is similar enough to the original use that it could make efficient use of the space.

    Perhaps we could even take the idea a step further and make it an incubator of sorts? Maybe link it to Cortex in some way?

  • snakePlissken

    I’m going to hop on the higher education bandwagon and suggest Maryville open an urban campus somewhere within the City, whether Lemp or Downtown. I think condos and lofts are overplayed right now and for some time to come. Multifamily residential construction is slowing down in most markets and with a glut currently on the books in St. Louis I don’t see anymore being planned or built. We should continue to encourage our regions universities to open urban campuses in St. Louis – I’d prefer Downtown but the Lemp brewery has a lot of potential. UMSL is most likely out but Maryville, Webster and Lindenwood continue to grow at impressive rates.

  • Presbyterian

    Building One was the only Lemp building at risk for structural collapse. This investment assures that the Lemp Brewery will remain intact and that future redeveopment remains a viable option. The plan is to completely replace the underlying interior roof structure — not just a rubber membrane. This will be some serious work.

  • Ben Harvey

    So much potential for this site. What is right now an end point of sorts for Cherokee street could one day be an anchor to the area.

  • Guest

    I’m bewildered as to why this complex has set empty decade after decade. I’m very happy that the owners are maintaining the buildings, but wonder why, with the rehab record of St. Louis and how absolutely beautiful these buildings are, in 30 years no one has come up with a realized plan for this complex…same for the Falstaff Brewery in Benton Park, both of which are and have been in desirable neighborhoods for quite some time. Very puzzling to me.

    • Alex Ihnen

      I think it’s simply too big. If (and I don’t know the circumstances) the owner doesn’t want to carve off one building at a time, or parts of buildings, it’s tough to get something going.

      • thomas h benton

        The potential is just enormous. The old American Tobacco campus in Durham, NC, has been rehabbed and is offices and such now. With the continued activity on Cherokee, hopefully at some point some similar use might be possible.

      • Adam

        By “carve off” do you mean sell or rehab piece by piece? I don’t understand why the owner would not want to tackle it one building at a time. Seems like the obvious way to do it. Most of the buildings fronting Cherokee, Lemp, and Broadway would be perfect for residential and retail. I have a vision of the silos being converted into apartments or condos with windows cut into the cylindrical walls. I’m sure some people will hate that but what else could be done with the silos? Storage? A giant mural?

        • Alex Ihnen

          Again guessing… It’s hard to get someone to invest big $/take up residency in a building next to many others that don’t have a solid plan.

    • There *is* a lot going on in this complex, I would note. Many of the spaces within it are rented by 3rd parties for one use or another.

      • Alex Ihnen

        Yes – should have mentioned that it. Much/most of it is in use for one purpose or another.