Alverne Renovation Continues with Installation of Arched Windows

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Alverne_downtown St Louis

Work is progressing on the Alverne Building in downtown St. Louis, and reveals a significant change to the historic building’s facade. Prior to renovation, the building had long been stripped of its once robust ornamentation. The remaining small windows date from the building’s construction in 1923 as the Desoto Hotel. The Archdiocese of St. Louis owned the property and managed it as senior housing. The small windows and small apartments were considered a big negative for modern residential conversion, keeping interest from developers low.

An effort at an historic renovation could have proven challenging as well. And so developer Brian Hayden is doing something different. He purchased the building for $550,000 in 2013 and is renovating without the use of historic tax credits or other incentives. This allows the renovation to make significant changes, such as the wall of arched windows.

Planned are 81 two-level apartments, introducing a different product to the still growing downtown residential rental market. Also possible is the renovation of ballroom space as event venues and the return of retail on the ground floor.

Our previous post from June 2014:

The planned rehab of the old Alverne Hotel building (1014-1025 Locust) in the heart of Downtown St. Louis into 81 apartments may be ramping up soon.

A $500,000 interior alterations building permit application is now on file with the City, adding to an existing $100,000 permit issued in January of this year. The owner is Brian Hayden, who has rehabbed 400 Washington into apartments (Gallery 400) as well as the old Millennium Center into apartments and office space (Gallery 515).

Below is a photograph of the Alverne via Built St. Louis:


Click here for a map of the area.


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  • FrenchTwins

    I’ve walked by this building a few times during the course of them putting windows in (also took the featured picture with the new windows 🙂 ) , and while not historically accurate, I’m glad they are putting them in. Those tiny windows on the huge blank street walls like that made the building as it was very unappealing. Not all older buildings are examples of good architecture. Much better than a demolition. All in all, a building that was way underutilized and underappreciated is being put back into use as new residential completely without incentives. There’s a point with all of the incentivizing and TIF’ing where one hopes the city won’t need to do anything more and the market just starts working.

    Looking forward to seeing what goes in the first floor storefronts. It could really fill out that block with a new event space going in on 10th and Locust (from the Bailey’s folks I believe), the Bridge bar, Urban Shark bike store, Park Avenue Coffee and Rooster right around the corner. Urban Street Group also owns the three-four vacant buildings in the 900 block of Locust that seems ripe for some redevelopment too.

    • John R

      iirc an art gallery is planned for first floor; not sure if anything else is planned.

  • Chicagoan

    Can’t say that I’m a fan of the new windows, I think that they should’ve embraced the original window design, even if they’re a tad small (and they are).

    Could look better, though, once they re-build the cornice and pedestrian level segments of the building.

    The building in its original design was beautiful! What wretched soul dismantled the cornice at the top and those round windows at the bottom?

    • tony

      I was thinking the lack of depth makes them look odd to me as well. Wish they had a larger sill or casing on there. Maybe it looks better in person.

  • This looks amazing and I would love to have some info on a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment. I want to live here when it is completed. Can someone provide info?

  • Adam

    looks great!