Richmond Heights Needs You

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On January 6 Richmond Heights posted on its Facebook page that there were no candidates filed for city council in districts 1 and 4 for the April election. Each district has two council members representing 2,141 souls. One seat in each district is up for election April 5. Paperwork to file is due January 19.

Richmond Heights District Map

This is your chance to make a difference. If you embrace the traditional development pattern over clear-cutting neighborhoods for a Menards, Richmond Heights needs you. If a large apartment building in District 2 sounds good to you, Richmond Heights needs you. If you aren’t afraid of the bus and train and embrace walkability, Richmond Heights needs you. If you are regionally-minded and want to work with your neighbors to keep the inner-ring strong, Richmond Heights needs you. If you think rekindling the consolidation effort with Clayton is a good idea, Richmond Heights needs you.

From the Richmond Heights website
Election Packets are now available for pickup at the front desk of City Hall. Candidates must file their nomination petitions and acceptance of nomination forms at City Hall between November 23, 2015 and January 19, 2016. City Hall is located at 1330 S. Big Bend Boulevard and is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you have questions, please contact Deputy City Clerk Pat Villmer, at 314-645-4595.

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  • Matthew

    I would appreciate if any of the knowledgeable commenters on this site would add their voices to this discussion of a proposed apartment complex that is facing stiff opposition in Richmond Heights.

    • Matthew

      Thank you, Alex, for writing at length on the development. I’m glad I asked for NextStL’s assistance đŸ˜‰

  • moorlander
    • kjohnson04

      Agreed. Invested citizenry is always a good thing.

  • kjohnson04

    But only if we can do what St. George did; get elected to wind down Richmond Heights as a separate municipality. Merge with it’s neighbors or disincorporate.

  • Anthony Galli

    I plan to pick up a packet for district 1 tomorrow morning.

    • rgbose

      Good Luck!

  • Marc Schneider

    Only makes sense to consolidate with Maplewood, not Clayton. Already has same school district, parks, and chamber of commerce.

    • jhoff1257

      Or consolidate all three…and then some. And then consolidate their school districts.

    • rgbose

      RH is split among 4 school districts. The boundaries are on the map above.

  • rgbose

    Candidate for Richmond Heights District 2: ‘more tradition and less progress’

    • Chicagoan

      That is painful to read.

      Also, the comments section…

  • Guest

    Just combine with Clayton and call it a day.

  • Brian

    It would be great for some new faces with “subversive” ideas to slip in and “steal” the election. One could argue that Cara Spencer and Megan Green did that in St. Louis, and they are starting to challenge the way business is done in the city. It is time for the younger generation to step up and set the course for a better future. (This comes from a privileged white guy who was born during the Eisenhower presidency.)