Central West End’s Euclid Plaza Set for Mixed Use Residential

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Cullinan Properties plans to convert the partially vacant Euclid Plaza Office Building at 625 N. Euclid Avenue into mixed use residential. Retail and office use will continue on the lower level with 87 luxury loft units above. The investment is aimed at stretching the Central West End’s Euclid bustling restaurant and retail corridor northward to Delmar Blvd.

Cullinan Properties, LTD bills itself as a full service real estate development company. Founded in Peoria in 1988, Cullinan also has offices in Chicago and St. Louis and has over $1 billion in completed projects. Locally, they are a driving force behind the Streets of St. Charles development.

625 N. Euclid - St. Louis, MOOliver Pierce Langan built the structure at 625 N. Euclid (4900 Delmar) in 1911 as a warehouse for his Langan & Taylor Storage and Moving Company. An avid moterer at the time, Langan had another warehouse for storing automobiles. Raised in Collinsville and educated in Collinsville and then St. Louis public schools, Logan lived in the St. Regis Apartments on Lindell Blvd.

The building was renovated for office use in the 1970s and became known as a rabbit warren of tiny spaces. At that time, the Union-Sarah West Economic Development Corporation demolished the buildings across Euclid in order to provide a parking lot for the building. Ownership has changed over the years and recently included Pete Rothschild and Bob Wood.

Rothschild Development is building 33 new apartments above an historic building two blocks east on Olive. Successful high end residential at Delmar and Euclid bodes well for the revitalization of the Fountain Park neighborhood across Delmar. Completion is targeted for Spring 2016.

625 N. Euclid - St. Louis, MO

625 N. Euclid - St. Louis, MO


*added image 7/22/2016

Euclid Plaza balconies

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  • moorlander

    The Business Journal has an updated article on this project in today’s issue.

    “the building’s retail spaces would be available in April, and that residential leasing would begin in May. The building will be called “The Lofts @ Euclid.”

  • Imran

    I saw several windows that have been removed over the weekend and replaced with temporary boards.

  • John R

    The interior demo permit was just approved for this project so work should be underway soon.

  • Framer

    Sure hope they replace those awful single-lite windows with something more appropriate.

    • Imran

      Per the tiny rendering above, looks like they will be putting in double hung windows.

  • rgbose

    Great news! It’s vital to fix up, fill in, and enliven Delmar in order to bridge the Delmar Divide.

  • John R.

    Nuttin ever gets done in this dump of a town! More seriously, this looks awesome and I’d go get some Jenni’s Ice Cream to celebrate but it is closed for the moment b/c of listeria testing. (insert sad and crying face emojii)

    Speaking of ice cream, Greg, if you can get the scoop on whether the retail plans for the Chase are moving forward and whether I can expect to be able to enjoy a Cathedral Square brew on the Holy Corners I’d appreciate it! Okay, I’m out the door… enjoy the weekend everybody.

    • Presbyterian

      Yes on the first one, at least if that guy with the blueprints that said Patagonia are any indication. As for Cathedral Square, though, I know nothing. But I’m allergic to ice cream. That could explain it.

      • MRNHS

        At the Heritage Festival this weekend, I overheard the rep pouring the Cathedral Square beers (didn’t catch if he was the owner, brewer, or someone else) tell someone that they are breaking ground in July on the church brewery (the one at McPherson and Kingshighway) with an estimated opening of next year.

        • Presbyterian

          Awesome. That’s consistent with what I’ve heard. And I’m hearing conflicting reports about the Chase retail plan.

    • Presbyterian

      ^Okay, John. Now I’m hearing that the opposite might be the case. It sounds like the Chase might be pulling back from its retail plans (uncertain), and I’m told that Cathedral Square might still have skin in the game at the old Second Baptist site. I’m told that Cathedral Square is actually paying rent on the building now, though I have no idea what the financing plans are.

      I guess we’ll see. 🙂

      • John R

        Wow, that scoop is a double-dip! More retail would be nice, but I’d rather have more beer/holy water if I had to choose. And perhaps Patagonia, etc. are looking at other locations like the new OPUS tower etc.