Three Benton Park West Properties Proposed for Full Rehab

Three homes in Benton Park West are slated for full rehabs by owner 2174 Properties, LLC. The three building permits in question have not yet been issued.

The first is 3169 Iowa, just south of Arsenal. Its permit amount is $130,000.


The second is located just to the south of 3169 Iowa, at 3171 Iowa. Its permit amount is $145,000. This single family home is set back from the street (at left).



Finally, the third property is located one bock north of 3169 and 3171 Iowa at 2739 Arsenal. Its building permit amount is $135,000.


All three homes currently show Land Reutilization Authority (LRA) ownership when viewing Assessor records on Geo St. Louis. This means that the properties are under contract to the new owner, have already been sold to the new owner with the records not yet updated, or that the developer has an option on the lots granted by LRA.

Click here for a map of 3169 and 3171 Iowa.

Click here for a map of 2739 Arsenal.