New Infill Homes Coming to a Prominent Vacant Lot in Soulard? (1719-33 South 9th)

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A new real estate listing by Alexander Realty shows four new townhouses are proposed for construction atop a prominent vacant lot in Soulard–the corner of 9th and Soulard. The lot at 1719-33 South 9th Street–actually four parcels–has been vacant and cleared of buildings since the 1980s.

This stretch of 9th Street hosts the popular iTap bar, Epic Pizza and Subs, Mission Taco and is just one block south of Soulard Market. It is something of a “Main Street” for Soulard, so it is surprising that development has eluded this lot for so long. Still, time will tell if this high-end residential product planned for the site will come to fruition in what can be a rowdy (and mostly commercial) corner of Soulard.

Below is a rendering of the proposal to build four new townhomes on the lot:


And here is a site plan:


Click here to see a real estate listing while it is still active.

Click here for a map of the area.

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  • gmichaud

    Great news, I did some new buildings on the corner of Missouri and Rutger a few years back and ran into the past depression or what ever the hell it was. It is no picnic to make the numbers work especially if there is an attempt to do a decent job. I know on Missouri Av we had custom iron work, high end windows, a ton of custom carpentry, stone and cast stone work but nothing that compares to the high end financial shenanigans of America.
    At this location in Soulard I would definitely recommend an emphasis on commercial, it is certainly feasible to create first floor apartments with the ability to switch to commercial a reality That approach was done often in the old days as any St. Louis historian would know.
    The simple inclusion of a beam buried into the structure at the first floor allows the building flexibility.

  • Nathan Doerr

    Just thought I would join the discussion. I am the real estate agent on this project, working with the current owner, developer, and builder. It has been about a 1.5 year ongoing situation…and the plans were already cleared by Phillis Young, the most recent past alderwoman. (Now out of office). We are working very closely with the city, Soulard, and nearby businesses to keep the plans updated. As Moorlander said, parking is a huge issue when going commercial, and so is the opinion of neighboring properties. The list goes on as you all may know 🙂 We are very excited about the project! I can definitely field any questions via email [email protected]

    • Alex Ihnen

      Thank you for joining the conversation Nathan!

  • pat

    The structural information section of the real estate listing mentions vinyl siding. Do you know if this means a brick front with vinyl on the sides like we’ve seen on other townhomes. I hope not. That would be a let down.

    • Nathan Doerr

      Pat, All brick front and sides. The rear of 1733 will also be brick bc it will be an exposed corner to Soulard Street.

      • pat

        Great to hear. Thanks!


    Don’t get me wrong; I think those houses look great. It captures the character of the houses around the neighborhood, which is excellent. But it seems (to me) that the highest and best use would be retail on bottom with apartments on top (total of 3-4 stories). If done right, it would blend into the neighborhood nicely…I picture a New Orleans style brick building with iron balconies. My reasoning for retail would be twofold: 1. I think the demand would be there. 2. I’m not sure having an entrance to your house that close to a busy street will appeal to higher end buyers. Overall though, I would be happy if this went through. Good luck to the developer!

    • Dan

      If you look closely, it appears that the building on the far left (south end) has retail on the bottom. I don’t disagree with you, but I’m hopeful that they’ll at least include one storefront.

      • Adam

        Though on the floor plan the corner building is also labeled “fee simple town home” so i imagine it’ll be residential made to look like corner commercial (which i really dislike because those giant windows either end up frosted or covered all the time).

        • Nathan Doerr

          Yes, it will be residential. We might be changing that corner front to something similar of the far right.

          • Adam

            Thanks. I would be happy either way but some of the corner-storefront-to-residential conversions I’ve seen around the city end up looking dead due to the window treatments (because occupants understandably don’t want passers-by staring into their living rooms through the large commercial windows).

            May I ask why the builder isn’t considering commercial? Given the other storefronts on the same block it seems like there would be a market.

          • Adam

            Oh, never mind. I forgot about parking comment above.

    • moorlander

      My guess – available land for parking.

      I hope they can get $600k! I think that would be great for the neighborhood.

  • Katy L

    I’ve been waiting for something to come to this vacant lot, as it is such a prime spot in Soulard. I always assumed it would be retail as opposed to residential however. Two big gut renovations are happening one block up, leaving the vacant/boarded building next to Sweet Divine as the last project ripe for rehab in what has turned into a very popular couple blocks in the neighborhood. I wonder how likely this project is to get off the ground?

    • Nathan Doerr

      Thanks Katy! We just listed this on the MLS. Our goal is to find two buyers before we break ground. We expect things to move quickly.