Village Bar Under Contract, Demolition Expected

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nextSTL has learned a landmark Des Peres business beloved by generations from throughout the area will likely shutter following resolution of a family probate dispute. The wood-frame structure from 1890 housing the Village Bar is expected to be demolished, making way for a new development. The bar borders Des Peres Park along the north side of Manchester Rd., just east of Ballas Rd. It is easily identifiable by its distinctive red-and-white striped exterior.

The commercial real estate division for Schnuck Markets Inc., DESCO Group, has the Village Bar property under contract. According to nextSTL sources DESCO will pay approximately $1.2 million for the 1-acre parcel. St. Louis County records appraise the value of the property at $650,000. The firm intends to develop an 8,000 sq. ft. retail center at the site. An ongoing case in St. Louis County Circuit Court has been holding up the sale.

Village Bar - by Wampa-One{Village Bar – image by Wampa-One on Flickr}

According to on July 22, 2013 a temporary restraining order was sought by Village Bar owner Sam Harvey’s daughter from a previous marriage, Della K. Hosutt, against his wife Janet Harvey. On July 25, 2013 the parties consented to transfer the matter to probate court, where it now stands. In September of 2013 Sam Harvey passed away, and Janet Harvey became owner of the bar. The suit seeks to have Janet Harvey removed as trustee.

Two other businesses on the property will also be affected. The attached Custom Wig Shoppe, building built in 1900, and the adjoining Fun Flags Garden Décor & More. Additionally, a large barn built in 1910 and situated in the middle of the parking lot is also expected be razed. All dates are according to St. Louis County records. An attempt to reach Schnuck Markets Inc. for comment Monday was unsuccessful.

The Village Bar opened in 1948 in what was formerly a feed store. Harvey bought the bar in 1973 and added a kitchen soon after. The casual West County watering hole has earned a reputation for one of the top burgers in the area. It also draws a diverse and devoted crowd. “Save the Village Bar” has more than 6,000 Facebook likes. Early Monday morning the fan page ominously posted a photo taken immediately outside the bar, “survey sticks and utility locating…not looking good for the Villagio.”

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  • Maureen

    Heard about this. Apparently it’s a family squabble going on after patriarch died. Kevin, Anne, Peggy, Keith, Kathy – why are bars we frequent on annual Christmas shopping trips closing — Carmody’s???

  • Bill

    I want the Budweiser sign, who do I talk to about that?

  • Mike

    Pretty sure they are putting in a Chipotle….it is always about money. Very sad

    • moorlander

      There is a Qdoba across the street. Burrito wars!


    From my understanding, there isn’t a whole lot anyone can do. The bar is so close to Manchester Rd that it can’t transfer ownership outside the family, because that would require a new permit, which can’t be approved because it doesn’t meet setback requirements. Sad day, as there are not very many non-chains out in Des Peres.

    • robbo

      Yes, commercial Des Peres is fairly boring looking with endless strip malls that look the same across America. Ma & Pa shops/restaurants give an area character making them interesting to visit.

    • Bob Holtz

      Down Under
      J Greene’s
      Surf n Sirloin
      You just have to look…

      • moorlander

        That manchester corridor is chain city but there are still more…..Three Kings, Hunan Star, Daily Bread, Clayton’s Bakery, and close access to all the Kirkwood locals – duffy’s, Tavern, Corner Pub, Jj Twigs, Winfields, Pj’s, Ice & Fuel etc etc etc.

        • Jessica A

          And still more in Des Peres . . . Saffron, Pairings, Zydeco Blues, Wan Fu, Fozzie’s, Gerard’s . . .

          The non-chains may be less visible to those driving through, but as a local I rarely go to a chain.

    • Musial Rocks

      Ah, BULL!

      Variances get granted all the time…if the City of Des Peres really wanted to keep around something cool like this structure (and I’m talking about not just VB…the *whole* thing…the Wig Shop and the Decor Shop…AND, most especially, the Barn outback, then they *could*

      I figure the government officials got their greedy little fingers in the back pockets of Schnuck Markets Inc and also figure it will pull more tax revenue.

      I can tell you for certain that when this goes through I won’t spend a dime of my money at this new complex, will avoid Schnucks at all costs (not really too hard as I swore them off after they let my Bank Card info get stolen) and probably just in general avoid spending much time/money in Des Peres overall. One of the big attractions for me is closing up shop!

      • TomGreen

        You are an idiot.

        • Musial Rocks