First of Five New Homes in Benton Park to be Built Soon? (3011 Missouri)

First of Five New Homes in Benton Park to be Built Soon? (3011 Missouri)

The first of five new homes set to be constructed on a vacant lot in the Benton Park neighborhood at Missouri and Crittenden (addressed as 3001 Missouri) now has a $225,000 building permit application on file with the City. That applicant/owner/developer is Liberty Group USA, with Killeen Studio Architects designing the new structures. One historic home on the site will be rehabilitated as well.

The March 2015 Preservation Board agenda featured the renderings for all five homes. You can see them below:


If the address on the permit is correct, the first of the five to be constructed will be 3011 Missouri, the farthest south of the bunch, located just north of the existing historic building.

The Benton Park Local Historic District requires that a builder select a “Historic Model Example” (HME) to base their design off of so that there is a historical precedent for any new construction. The address serving as the HME for 3011 Missouri is a red brick building located at 1950 Wyoming, just south of Benton Park. Below is a capture of that building:



The new structure at 3011 Missouri appears to copy the HME’s cornice detailing and various other design elements.

Click here for a map of the area.



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