Multi-Family Corner Building in the Tiffany Neighborhood Set for Rehab (3867 Lafayette)

The multi-family corner building located at 3867 Lafayette in the Tiffany neighborhood is set for a $635,000 rehab. The building is now vacant and boarded. The rehab will create 6 residential units. The current owner is shown to be Botanical Heights Association, LLC.

Below is a 2014 Google Streetview capture of the building:


And here is a shot from 2009, prior to the building’s vacant and boarded status:


This rehab of a high profile vacant building is welcome news, though it did not come without a cost. Last year, demolition crews removed the year portion of the building (facing 39th Street) to create a small parking lot of eight spaces for tenants of the building.

Below is a circa 2009 shot of that rear portion:


And here is the view as of 2014 Google Streetview’s capture:


While this was an unfortunate and short-sighted decision, the rehab of the main portion of the structure will be a definite value booster for the surrounding neighborhood.

Click here for a map of the area.