Inbox: Car Wreck Alert

There was a crime a few blocks from my place of work. My employer sent out an e-blast, presumably to thousands of individuals, with a description of the incident, the suspect, and advice to avoid being a victim.

* Avoid walking or jogging alone and never walk or jog alone after dark.
* Always choose a well-lit path and avoid dark or vacant areas.
* Carry a whistle to summon help.
* Be alert to your surroundings.  If you suspect you are being followed, run in a different direction; go to the other side of the street and yell or whistle for help; or head quickly to a lighted area, a group of people, or business.
* If you are confronted by a suspect, give them what they want and don’t chase them as they leave.  Report suspicious persons or activity immediately to the Police.
* Be extra cautious if someone approaches your car and asks for information.
* Consider using the Shuttle Service.

We should have the right to walk our streets without being the victim of a crime. Let’s build places that promote safety rather than undermine it.

What if we got an e-blast with advice after the daily horrific car wreck? After all far more of my coworkers drive to work than walk the surrounding neighborhoods at night.

* Avoid driving
* Avoid poorly maintained and lit streets, roads, and bridges
* Drive slowly
* Don’t drive in bad conditions
* Don’t drive drunk
* Don’t drive distracted
* Report erratic driving immediately
* Take the bus, train, taxi, or rideshare whenever possible
* Don’t drive without working headlights
* Don’t run over pedestrians/cyclists
* Don’t engage with another driver experiencing road rage
* Carry a cell phone to call 911 when a wreck occurs
* Vote for/support transportation alternatives whenever possible
* Vote for/support streetscape reconfigurations that discourage fast driving whenever possible