New Single Family Home Coming to the Grove (4231 Gibson)

A new single family home may soon be coming to a vacant lot addressed as 4231 Gibson in the Grove, AKA Forest Park Southeast neighborhood. UIC is the developer; the planned development of five contemporary homes across five vacant lots on a short block of Gibson is being called “Avant Grove“. A $300,000 building permit application is now on file with the City; that permit has not yet been issued. This is the first of the five units expected to be built as a part of Avant Grove.

The rendering below shows what the block will look like if all five units are constructed. 4231 Gibson is called out with the black box around it:


UIC is perhaps better known for its work in the Botanical Heights/McRee Town neighborhood just south of the Grove. There, the company has constructed over a dozen new homes and rehabbed several more, mostly on the 4200 block of McRee and vicinity. UIC began developing in the Grove in 2010 on a vacant lot that faces this round of new construction on Gibson. That project, at 4226 Gibson, is shown completed below.


To read a story about the owners of the contemporary home and the process of its development, courtesy of St. Louis Development Corporation, click here.

Click here for a map of the area.

  • Mike F

    I must say that I enjoy most, if not all, of what UIC has to offer. They seem to enjoy playing around with the proportions the historic vernacular has set for them. It’s always a kick to read about a the latest UIC offering, because you never know precisely what your going to get, other than a building which cleaves closely to the relative size and proportions of the houses surrounding it. I even enjoy the way they articulate fenestration, from doors and windows, to the skylights they seem to favor in nearly every design which comes off of their desks (ok, computers, but why quibble). I’m especially fond of their desire to pay homage to the flounder style, and the shed roofs one finds on the backsides of many late 19th C townhouses, as they have done on the design subject in this article.

    • Alex Ihnen

      Right. And while each and every design may not be fore me, it’s how they go about their work – being sensitive to the surroundings without building faux historic, mixing in nice rehabs and small commercial spaces…that’s what I find really attractive.

  • craigstl

    Anyone else not so in to UIC stuff? am i alone?

    • dick