Development Roundup (No Renderings)

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Below is recent development news and proposals for which we have no renderings.

  • CAZ Development, LLC plans to rehab the vacant Taproots School, located at 4021 Iowa in Dutchtown.  The school will be converted into a unspecified number of residential units. Below is a Google Streetview capture of the old school. A parking lot serving the residential units would be built on a vacant lot that sits behind the property, fronting California Avenue. The development currently has a “zoning only” permit on file, which means that the city’s Zoning Section must approve the land use change prior to issuance of a building permit.


Click here for a map of 4021 Iowa.

  • C Guenther Architect, LLC has applied for a permit (presently “zoning only”) to build a group living facility for Jesuit Clergy on a vacant lot near St. Louis University High School, addressed as 4948-50 Wise in the Kings Oak neighborhood. The structure would be two-stories and contain eight bedrooms.

Click here for a map of 4948-50 Wise.

  • Killeen Studio Architects has been commissioned to build four new single family homes on a large (mostly) vacant lot addressed as 3001 Missouri in the Benton Park neighborhood. The lot does contain a somewhat small historic home, built circa 1870, that is currently vacant. Its fate within the development footprint is at this time unknown. Given Benton Park’s local historic district ordinance, it is likely that the home will remain on site and be rehabbed, but that is speculation. A small factory building sat at the rear of the site, just south of the historic home, until recently. It was torn down after being structurally condemned by the City. If Killeen releases renderings of the proposed homes, we will post the images here. Presently, the permit is “zoning only”.

Click here for a map of 3001 Missouri.



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  • Justin Idleburg

    I just discovered this gem today on my daily walk.I was wondering if it was for sale or not, thank you for the information.

  • D Ricciotti

    4021 Iowa used to be the parish school (long closed) of St. Thomas of Acquin Church. The parish closed too many years ago and the church still stands as an evangelical place of worship. I attended the school from 1949-1953.

    • John R

      Thanks for sharing! And it looks like the project will finally begin rehab as the building permit was just issued. 14 units.

      • Dominic Ricciotti

        Great news. Do you have any info about the project?