Soulard Rowhouse Infill Development Nearing Completion (800-04 Ann)

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A rowhouse infill development across three former vacant lots in Soulard is nearing completion. Three new attached rowhouses have been constructed at 800, 802, and 804 Ann, between two existing buildings. The rowhouses at 800 and 804 cost around $200,000 to construct; the center unit at 802 with the balcony cost approximately $300,000, per building permit records.

Below is a photograph showing all three rowhouses:


Below is a zoomed-in shot of 800 Ann, the farthest east unit with its historic neighboring house:



Here is a shot of 802 Ann in the center:


And here is 804 Ann, the westernmost unit, with its historic neighbor:


Below is the “before” shot, showing an oblique angle of the vacant lot that existed prior to the construction of the three rowhouses:


And here is the “after”:


Click here for a map of the area.

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  • Mike F

    Wowsers! Color me impressed. Nicely detailed, too. The dentil cornice, the segmental arches, even the palette chosen for the brick are well done. The clean-up on the mortar’s a tad messy, but most of that will likely fade with time. I’m going to guess the center one is a custom job, or perhaps the show house, what with the natural mortar, painted trim and windows, the basement windows, and the details below the arches (appliques, I believe). Almost looks like they’ve been there since 1873.

    I contrast this lovely piece with the ghastly, double-garage (on the street face!), pink brick (some kind of completely inappropriate type NOT found in ANY historical building in the City) monstrosity at 10th and Allen, across the street from this one: Damn thing makes me cringe every time I pass by. Yeee-ech!

    • Guest

      You said a mouthful, both in praise of the wonderful infill and in protest of that hideous double garage. I can’t even for the life of me comprehend how that garage was ever approved (must be someone with an awful lot of clout?). I can almost forgive the color of the brick for something more appropriate, but…for a DOUBLE GARAGE facing the street? Ridiculously inappropriate for such a neighborhood…! Shame, shame, shame on whoever approved this. And for the person(s) who had it built…well, some things are better left unsaid.

      And…kudos for the three row houses…!!!

  • Presbyterian

    Soulard has a great track record of goog infill. I’m excited to see that record continue.

  • awesome!

  • Adam