Strong Towns Podcast- Pricing Public Infrastructure

As Missouri considers its transportation future and how to fund it, we’re reposting some relevant content by Chuck Marohn, president of the organization Strong Towns. Its mission is “to support a model for growth that allows America’s towns to become financially strong and resilient.” They cover a broad range of topics beyond transportation, check them out. Thanks to generous support from WUSTL ISSUES Magazine, Better Together, Citizens for Modern Transit, and the Urban Land Institute St. Louis, we’re bringing Chuck to St. Louis October 7-9! We’re working on programming and hope to do appearances around the region. Contact Richard Bose at [email protected] to discuss possible appearances.

In this podcast Chuck Marohn and Rick Rybeck of Just Economics talk about paying for infrastructure with non-user fees like sales taxes and how hiding the cost affects our behavior. This is a very important listen for anyone thinking about how they’ll vote on Amendment 7, the sales tax for transportation, on Tuesday.