Entire Block of South Broadway in the Patch to See Rehab? (7200-30 S. Broadway)

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Will an entire blockface of buildings on the 7200 block of South Broadway in the Patch neighborhood be rehabbed soon? A Board Bill (#26) is working its way through the Board of Alderman this session to grant 10-year tax abatement to the proposed rehab project. The developer has not yet applied for building permits.

Redevelopment plans submitted to the Board of Alderman must now be shown to be in compliance with the city’s Sustainability Plan. That “Summary of Applicability” document notes that the proposed project “will save a very important…block vulnerable to demolition”, indicating that the project is to rehab the buildings rather than demolish. There is also notation that the project will maintain the mixed-use character of the buildings present.

Below are several Geo St. Louis photographs showing each of the buildings on the block, starting from the southernmost point (South Broadway at East Robert) moving northward to South Broadway and Nagel.










Click here for a map of the area.

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  • Herb Smoken

    You’ll have to work hard to keep the meth heads off the property like the past owners son and his son. They have been cooking meth on that property for many years and I’m not sure how they can decontaminate it? Plus the old fuel tanks buried under ground and all the asbestos covered steam pipes and I know for a fact there are a number of bags of powdered asbestos that has never been used in one basement stairwell. The ground is contaminated with a number of 55 gallon drums of waste oil, the block has had an illegal drain line going from the laundry to the storm sewer on Nagel for many years and should we talk about the 40 plus years they stole electric from U.E. to run the laundry and half of this city block? The previous owners need to be held accountable for all these problems they knew that they existed and I’m sure it was never disclosed to the new owner. I have a lot of respect for the new owners wanting to rehab the block but I really don’t think he knew what he really ended up with because the past owners didn’t disclose the truth about the property.

    Signed your friendly MayTag repairman.

    • matimal

      ….and conventional ‘can’t-do’ St. Louis is heard from.

      • Alex Ihnen

        Just returned from Dallas…Don’t. Do. It. 🙂

        • matimal

          I can’t imagine anyone who reads this forum would consider moving to Dallas. I was just making the point that it is ludicrous to suggest that it is somehow beyond the ability of St. Louis developers to move bags of asbestos.

  • Herb Smoken

    Interesting to see my maintain work (painting and carpentry) still holding up on the block. I’ve only done it for over 32 yrs and got kicked to the curb by the family that used to own it.

    Signed your friendly MayTag repairman.

  • Lane Mitchell

    That would be great. The less of this old brck we knock down the better.