A Small, yet Striking Transformation in Lafayette Square (2011 Park)

Typically this blog focuses on “total rehabs” of once-vacant and damaged buildings–if not new construction. Yet often it’s the smaller details that make neighborhoods shine. Take for example a restoration of a historic mansard roof in Lafayette Square at 2011 Park Avenue.

Below is a “before” picture (circa July 2011) from Google Streetview showing a three-story historic building with a somewhat odd third story transition:


The building’s French-styled mansard roof had been lost at some point in history. Fast forward to May 2014 and the mansard roof is reborn (at a cost of $75,000, per city building permit records):


While it’s hard to label the restoration of an ornate roof line as a “subtle” change, on a neighborhood level, it is just that. This small change clearly adds a disproportionately large amount of character to an already architecturally-rich neighborhood.

Click here for a map of the area.