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Old Gas Station in Shaw Rehabbed into Catering Facility and Event Space (2232 Thurman)

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An old gas station located at 2232 Thurman in the Shaw neighborhood has been rehabbed into a catering facility and event space known as the Social Affair.

Below is a photograph of the rehabbed gas station, now known as Thurman Station, or just “The Station” for short:


And here is an older, pre-rehab photograph courtesy of Geo St. Louis:

2232 thurmanold

Click here for a map of the area.


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  • Don

    I really enjoy seeing such creative reuse. This former gas station appears to predate the convenience store stations we see today. There aren’t many of them left so it’s great to see one preserved and re-purposed.

  • moe

    I like the reuse, especially the retro lights. The color…not so much but that is a personal preference. Its another great add-on for the neighborhood and the City.


    Great re-use, and the building looks fantastic! Also, just down the street, the Square One brewer was going to open a brewery (also in a gas station). However, I think that he ran into some environmental issues with that property and it’s on hold. Wonder if that has been cleared up.

    • John R

      I was wondering where that stands as well…. hopefully something comes of the other property. It had been some time since I had heard anything, and as my mind ages I wasn’t sure if this wonderful successful renovation was the site of the proposed brewery.
      I hope the old auto facility in TGS at the corner of Arsenal and Morgan Ford is successfully redeveloped as well… its being marketed as a great oppty for restaurant/bar/cafe and I think it would make a great place for that. Or maybe a “Bikery” — half bakery/half bike rental — in partnership with A&M across the street.

      • PRS1

        I like where you’re going with this…however, I want an “Herbery” –half brewery/half marijuana shop.

    • Alex Ihnen

      The brewery down the street isn’t going to happen – too many complaints about potential parking and noise issues. The brewer is still looking for locations around that part of the city.

      • moe

        There is the Rebirth Bikes (Rays’ refinisher’s) building at Parker and Roger that has a nice parking lot and building that is up for sale now.