New Details Released for “United Provisions” Grocery in The Loop

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Additional details have been released for the new grocery store in the Loop. The store will be named United Provisions and is slated for a late July, early August opening in the Washington University in St. Louis student housing development under construction at Eastgate Avenue and Delmar Boulevard.

United PRovisions Floor Pal
{United Provision Floorplan}

United Provision Inspiration
{United Provisions is modeled on some of the nation’s finest urban grocers}

Brought to you by the same family behind Jay’s International Food Company on South Grand, and Global Foods Market in Kirkwood, the 15,000 sq ft store will feature ~12,000 sq ft of full selection of groceries along with international foods. They plan to pack as much as possible to the point of describing it as cramped, to offer the widest variety of products. Yes, you will be able to buy toilet paper and toothpaste. The remaining space will include prepared food, a coffee bar, and seating for 67 along with a a few outside dining tables. After 5 pm there will be table service.

Beer, wine, and spirits will be carried, with beer and wine by the drink available for dine-in patrons. The liquor license application process has not yet begun. Hours of operation will be 7 am to 10 pm daily. On-street short-term metered parking will be available in front of the store along Delmar, as well as in shared parking lots at 616 Eastgate and around the corner at 633 Skinker.

United Provisions Interior{United Provisions Interior}

The liquor license permitting the sale of packaged alcohol could be contested, as there is currently not a place to purchase carry out alcohol. Growlers of beer can be purchased at Cicero’s at the far west end of The Loop, which is in University City. United Provisions is located in the City of St. Louis. Package liquor sales have been opposed and rejected for Loop business in the past, though the grocery store is hoping for a different outcome.

WUSTL Loop Project{Site of United Provisions ate Delmar and Eastgate}

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  • 1Scar

    What a pity. I had hopes that it would truly be an international store the way that Global Stores in Kirkwood is. Your post makes me fear that it will instead cater to those who like pretending to live in a diverse community rather than those who actually do. Well, I’ll be interested in seeing whether their “international” items are comprised of small microwave bags of Uncle Ben’s “busmaati” authentic India rice and Starbuck’s chai tea latte instant mix for an elite crowd that wants faux-exotica. Here’s hoping for at least a functional grocer rather than another piece of pastiche.

    • rgbose

      I don;t think you have anything to worry about. If they don’t have it on the shelves for you they’ll get it in from the Kirkwood store.

  • STLExplorer

    Pete’s Shur Save was where I used to buy beer when I lived in the Loop. My experiences with the neighborhood’s grocery options were shared here:

    This store will be great for the area!

  • John R

    Word is that Ben Poremba is spreading his foodie micro-empire beyond McRee and is involved in the prepared foods. Should be excellent.

  • RyleyinSTL

    Love the throwback name! It sort of harks back to the days of STL as a supply depot for people going west. Wonderful!

  • Anglophile

    I didn’t realize there was nowhere to buy package liquor in the Loop currently. That’s a big drawback to the area. I hope they get their permit.

    • moe

      If it currently isn’t available, and you obviously didn’t miss it, then how is it a drawback to the area?
      Now…could it expand sales? Perhaps. Maybe as one poster commented, U.City seems to prefer the drinkers to patronize the bars (more $$, more taxes) and walking over driving to and from the store or bar drunk is safer for everyone. (rowdy people may be a nuisance but most are in harmless small groups).
      I’m for liquor sales for larger packages, but I never understood the push to curb drunk driving but yet allowing every filling station and quick stop to sell 40 oz.ers. (well, I do…it’s all about dollars and not lives, but I digress).
      Overall, I’m just glad that it is finally raining in some of our food deserts.

      • Anglophile

        It’s a drawback because I’ve considered living in the Loop in the past, but I wouldn’t want to have to drive to Schnuck’s every time I wanted some beer. Besides, my individual knowledge (or lack thereof) of a condition doesn’t change the fact that that condition exists.

  • John

    So people will have drive (already half-drunk) to Schnucks to get beer? Great.

    • Benya

      having lived on eastgate recently I can tell you that this is the most frustrating thing about Loop living. Much worse than the roaming crowds of youngins

      • John

        I have several friends living in the Loop and they’re always having to drive somewhere else at night for beer. Why doesn’t U-City want that money? As of now people have to drive to the City or Maplewood. People should be able to walk down the street and pick up a case of beer if they want. Does U-City prefer that these folks instead go to a bar? And then a bunch of drunkards are all walking around at 1 AM together? Wouldn’t it be better if some of them were able to pick up some beer at this grocery store or even at Shell and get drunk at home sometimes instead?

        • rgbose

          The grocery is in the City of St. Louis, so the liquor license will be through them. The hard part is gathering signatures from neighbors. The old timers remember a time when packaged liquor sales in the area was a huge problem, litter, drug addicted shop lifting and selling it, passed-out homeless. I think we’ve come a long way, but they fear regressing. I’m on board for a license here though I would not support one for the Shell. But if we let one for United, then are we hypocrites for not allowing one for Shell or Mission Taco’s desire for a Bodega?

          • Presbyterian

            I think the case can be made that there’s a distinction between a grocery store selling wine and a Shell station selling wine.

          • John

            If only one business might ever be allowed to sell it, it should probably be this one, but then again Shell is open after 10 and a lot of people are still going to be just starting their nights right at that time and might still need somewhere to go and get their case of beer. If the grocery store is closed, that will be a bummer for them. Where I live (not the Loop), I could just go grab a case and be back home in a few minutes at any time from the gas station.

          • STLEnginerd

            I don’t see the distinction between the shell and the grocer when it comes to what they can sell. Laws should applied evenly where possible. If they want to have a law banning the sale of gas and package liquor at the same place I could see that but that’s not the same as some arbitrary board approving liquor licenses. Alternately they could just restrict package liquor sales after 10pm or open containers in the loop an it mitigates most issues. But again these require legislation.

          • It’s a simple matter of enacting a packaged liquor moratorium for new businesses whose gross sales revenue (non-gas) is primarily derived from sales of alcohol.

            Additional stipulations such as prohibition of single-serving alcohol (i.e. tall boys/40s and wine cups) are also standard in these ordinances.

            In this way, you can get packaged liquor sales, but it will always be a part of a larger business model. No full-tilt liquor stores or suspect “convenience” marts.

  • T-Leb

    Grocery store design porn!