Monsanto Expansion to Include $60M Greenhouse Topping $30M Parking Garage

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Sources have provided a proposed budget breakdown for the $400 million Monsanto Chesterfield expansion that WhoLou was first to break news of in January. The project is expected to create nearly 700 high-paying jobs over the next three years and transform the Chesterfield Village Research Center. The 210-acre campus is located off Chesterfield Parkway West directly behind Chesterfield City Hall.

Sources allege that construction costs for the project will total approximately $300 million. Tarlton has been awarded a temporary roads project that will make way for heavier construction on the campus. The roads contract is valued at $2 million according to sources. A $140 million technology and research building will be built. A conference center costing $70 million will also be constructed.

Additionally, a three-story, 1,700 space parking garage costing $30 million will be built. Then a greenhouse project costing $60 million will be built on top of the parking garage according to sources. This would be a big change from the most current rendering of the parking garage offered by the St. Louis Business Journal in July and answer what was clearly an incomplete proposal showing a blank garage roof. Monsanto also plans to add a new cafeteria for employees.

monsanto garage

1,000 Monsanto employees currently work throughout the campus which comprises 1.5 million-square-feet including approximately 250 laboratories, 122 plant growth chambers and two acres of greenhouses. Once completed, the expansion will allow for 2,000 local technology employees. According to Missouri Development Finance Board documents the expansion is expected to create permanent jobs that Monsanto says will pay an average of $85,000 per year. The St. Louis County median is $50,390 per year.

While the expansion is being made possible with the support of the State of Missouri and St. Louis County sources allege Monsanto has also invited out of state firms to bid for contracts on the project. The expansion is expected to employ more than 1,100 construction and other temporary workers for the next three years. Sources further allege Monsanto has set a minimum minority participation goal of 20%.

Local firms allegedly being considered for general contractor include Alberici, Clayco, McCarthy, Paric, Tarlton, and SM Wilson. Area firms alleged to be in contention for the design and engineering contract include Arcturis, BSA LifeStructures, Burns & McDonnell, Cannon, and HOK. WhoLou first reported in January that McCarthy and Cannon were providing preconstruction services for the project. An attempt to reach Monsanto representatives for comment was unsuccessful.

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  • Marshall Howell

    Ugh It always seems like there are so many whiners on this site at times, no one is ever happy.

    • Mark Brown

      I am happy. Up to 700 new jobs for the region. Why complain? Unfortunately, you can’t please everybody though. If they were offered one of those $85,000 a year jobs – they’d take it – then find a car to drive there. I’m sure.

      • Jeff

        I agree 100%. Downtown can only succeed if the region as a whole succeeds. Job growth and wealth creation in the county benefits the city (As long as the jobs aren’t being poached from another part of the region). These employees will end up spending some money in the city, improving the economy here. Do I wish this was being built at the old Pruitt-Igoe site instead? Sure, I do. However, I’d rather have this happen, than Monsanta build a research park out of state somewhere.

        • kjohnson04

          That’s the problem the region has had for about a decade and a half. We never create new jobs, we just move them around, usually westward from where they were.

  • matimal

    no one is ever getting in that place except by car.

    • kjohnson04

      There are two bus lines that get near there; 258 and 91. IF Metro ever moves out the community information collection and get to actually enacting the 25-year plan accessibility to West County and (vise-versa) will be a lot easier to accomplish, and easier to ditch the car. Right now it’s a 2 to 2.5 hr. bus ride.

  • guest

    I’m not sure what we’re supposed to take away from this report? Lots of “alleges” going on. That word is most often used in reporting crimes. Chesterfield is seldom the subject of NextSTL reports. And least of all, massive parking garages nor huge suburban employment centers. Doesn’t seem like a lot to celebrate here. Is this really another report in the “End of the City” series? Not that I’m a big fan of Monsanto, but I’ll be celebrating when something like this gets built in North St. Louis, maybe in McNorthHaven.

    • Alex Ihnen

      If you follow Geoff’s writing here, he uses “alleges” instead of “sources tell me”, or “I have learned”. It’s just a word choice. Why is it on nextSTL? Geoff’s been covering major construction projects across the metro area.

  • Gross.

    • Hasan

      Whats gross about this?

      • Dale Diversity

        I’m guessing Randy is an anti-GMO nutwad

        • samizdat

          There is significant and voluminous scientific evidence regarding the harmfulness of GMO products, in addition to information about Monsanto’s often illegal ham-handedness (I’m being charitable here) in its treatment of farmers.

          That is not nutty. Frankly, the ‘science’ behind Monsanto’s products is pretty shaky. Truly, did they think that Nature would not develop resistance to the various Roundup products? It appears that not only does resistance occur, farmers have found it necessary to use MORE pesticide than originally predicted by Monsanto’s hype.

          Don’t even get me started on the thousands of farmers in India who committed suicide because of the failure of Monsanto products.

          You may want to get a clue before you go off on someone.

          • Dale Diversity

            Wow. What an idiot. Turn off Oprah and open a science book, mmmmkay?

          • Adam

            Can you maybe lay off the “nutwad” and “idiot” posts? People have, historically, been pretty civil to one another on this site, and we’d like to keep it that way so it doesn’t devolve into the STLToday comments.

          • Alex Ihnen

            Yes. Thanks for the this comment. I’ll just start deleting if comments don’t get back on track and cut out the stupid words and personal stuff.