Construction of Grocery Store in Bohemian Hill Well Underway (1500 Lafayette)

Construction of Grocery Store in Bohemian Hill Well Underway (1500 Lafayette)

Fields Foods, a full-service grocery store, is under construction across from the Old City Hospital (now the Georgian) at 1500 Lafayette in Bohemian Hill. The permit to construct the grocery store was valued at $4.1 million.

Click here to see the Fields Foods website.

According to that site, the store will be a unique, local experience:

A walk through our store is a culinary adventure. We designed a complete shopping experience that places you in the middle of the farm scenes where your food was grown. Walk through the lush fields where our vine-ripened fruits and vegetables were grown. Stroll down urban streetscapes to visit the butcher, the baker, the seafood shack, the deli and more. Stop by our Wine Bar to relax and unwind, or just to make your experience even better. Whether you’re a culinary connoisseur or a newfound foodie, you’ll appreciate the inspired displays in our store and learn from the daily demonstrations in our kitchen. Here, you don’t just buy food. You experience it.

Local foods are the freshest, most nutritious, best tasting products available because we’re able offer them at the peak of vine-ripened freshness. The short travel time keeps our prices low, our food fresh and its nutritional content high. It also helps support our local economy.

Below is a recent photograph of the construction. The building is sited just to the south of the Walgreens and just north of the massive I-44/I-55 interchange.

And here is a rendering of the completed product, from the Fields Foods website:

Click here for a map of the area.


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