Series of Midtown Commercial Buildings Under Rehab (2900 Block of Olive)

A series of four commercial buildings on the 2900 block of Olive are under rehab by RAF-2921 Olive, LLC. From east to west, the parcels are:

-2915 Olive, which contains only a cast-iron storefront outline; the rest of the building has been demolished and is now a grassy lot;

-2917 Olive

-2919 Olive

-2921-23 Olive

-2925 Olive

Below is a recent photograph of the construction. It appears as if the four structures may soon be connected internally.


Below is a Google Streetview shot (pre-rehab) offering a different view, looking east on Olive.


At this time, STLNABEDEV does not know what the series of buildings is to become. If you have an insider tip, shoot us an email.

Click here for a map of the area.