Novelly, Apex Plan 10-Story Clayton Tower

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Apex - Clayton, MO
{Forsyth Plaza will likely be razed for a 10-story Apex Oil tower}

WhoLou sources allege Apex Oil intends to construct a 10-story building near the Merrill Lynch Centre at 8235 Forsyth in Clayton where the company is headquartered. Apex Oil CEO and Horatio Alger Award honoree Tony Novelly owns the 245,000 sq. ft. Merrill Lynch Centre. In recent years Novelly has purchased several other buildings in that immediate area leading to speculation the site would soon be developed.

Recent activity though, according to sources independent of each other, would seem to indicate that this development is no longer just a rumor. It is alleged that Apex Oil has hired architect ACI Boland to design the 10-story building and is meeting with contractors regarding construction.

The mixed-use building is expected to feature between 180,000 to 200,000 sq. ft. of office space. That square footage also includes retail space which will be exclusive to the first floor according to sources. It is further alleged that the development will require the demolition of several existing buildings.

Apex - Clayton, MO
{the two-story buildings bottom-center will make way for a new tower}

Other properties Novelly owns in that area include the Lawyer’s Title Building at 8230 Forsyth and the former U.S. Title building at 8135 Forsyth. The Lawyer’s Title Building is currently being solicited to potential renters  according to the Crest Management website. Novelly’s son Jared is the Crest Management principal.

Apex Oil distributes, stores, and trades petroleum and petroleum products. They operate oil terminals and are also involved in the tugboat and barge business. According to Forbes Apex Oil is the #85 largest private company in the United States. The company employs 700 and posted revenue of $4.39 billion in 2012.

An attempt to reach Apex Oil development representative Mike Schoedel for comment was unsuccessful. Schoedel is an alderman in Frontenac. He was formerly Clayton City Manager for four years and also Clayton Chamber of Commerce president in 2012.

Apex Oil - Clayton, MO
{2008 Apex Oil tower proposal for northeast corner of Brentwood and Forsyth – via nextSTL forum user wabash}

Apex 7
{another rendering shows a proposal on Brentwood that once aimed for a 2010 completion date – building shown above is 19-stories with 275Ksf of office and 20Ksf retail}

Apex Oil - Clayton, MO
{2008 proposal would have faced west onto Brentwood on the surface parking lot}

Apex Oil - Clayton, MO
{ACI Boland was the architect of the Merrill Lynch Forsyth Centre Tower adjacent to the new proposal}

Previous plans for the site Apex is considering – images by Christner:

Clayton rendering

Clayton rendering

Apex - Clayton, MO
{the Mid-Century Clayton-Forsyth building owned by Novelly will apparently be spared for now – image by Toby Weiss}

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  • Mark Groth

    How can a city of < 16,000 people attract this kind of development? They should've done this in St. Louis.

    • Hasan

      Clayton is an attractive place to live, work, and play.

    • MiguelTejada82

      It’s the County Seat.

  • Scott Jones

    This just goes to show how much the population/power/influence center has shifted so that now Clayton is the new “down town”.

    • Hasan

      I dont think there’s a “new” or “old” downtown. We just have 2 different downtowns.

      • dempster holland

        Or one can consider the whole area from downtown St Louis
        through slu, cwe, wash u to Clayton the new downtown, with
        the gallaria area its retail focus, and the mterolink. Lindell and
        hw 40 its major transportation corridor

  • John

    Go back to one of the original, taller towers. Fill the remaining space with the 600 Boeing employees coming here. Then, build it in BPV. It would be a great anchor for BPV and make the first phase suddenly much, much bigger and better.

  • lessthantolerant

    At least it isn’t East St. Louis! What a pit!

  • samizdat

    Oh, how exciting. Another bland, unimaginative corporate office tower in Clayton. I was getting worried that something interesting might happen in Clayton.

    • jhoff1257

      Be glad they aren’t moving to another city. Clayton is a business district, plus we haven’t even seen a rendering of what they plan to build. What we do know is that they plan on activating the street with first floor retail. So thats a plus. I would prefer they build on one of the empty grass lots on the East side of Forsyth near the Ritz. That area has a chance to be really transformative.

      • dredger

        Their has been some decent proposals for the area you note before the real estate melt down. While I would rather see a new tower downtown/BPV it would be better if APEX or Brown Shoe would at least favor/consider a location in Clayton a lot closer to Clayton’s other metrolink station or even a revised University Tower/Boulevards develpment plan next to the Richmond Heights metrolink station . Unfortunately, I see most of the corporate expansion in the region favor one thing. How can executives make sure they get the easy freeway access to their West County homes. Express Scripts/Edward Jones/Scottrade/RGA of recent note.

        • jhoff1257

          I second this post. Especially building closer to the two Metro stations in Clayton. Though the area around Clayton Central Station is pretty built up. Forsyth on the other hand has TONS of potential. Lots of empty lots and surface parking (Wash U.) over there. You can definitely imagine major mixed use potential over there.

  • STLgasm

    Raze a building instead of building it on that huge surface parking lot? What a waste.

  • chaifetz10

    I know this is just wishful thinking, but I’d love to see this downtown instead. BPV NEEDS a anchor like this.

  • T-Leb

    Horatio Alger Award mention? LOL

  • Dave

    Maybe APEX could spend a few bucks to update their website…