CBRE Representing Metro Evaluating Potential Headquarters Move From Laclede’s Landing

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2012-09-30_1349020767Metro vice president of economic development John Langa told WhoLou Monday that the transit agency has hired commercial real estate heavyweight CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) to represent them in an evaluation of headquarters options which includes a potential move from their longtime Laclede’s Landing location. Metro owns and occupies seven-stories in the Christian Peper Building complex at 707 N. First Street.

The agency has been headquartered in the Peper Building complex for more than three decades and 270 Metro employees traverse the 106,000 square-foot space daily. Langa commented that Metro’s concerns regarding the Peper Building have to do with age and the costs associated with keeping the building from becoming functionally obsolete. Langa further commented, “Metro is focused on remaining in the city.”

According to real estate data mining service Emporis, the building where Metro headquarters is located was completed in 1901 and a renovation in 1980 was completed by noted St. Louis architect Andrew Trivers. The building renovation was one of the first big projects during a major redevelopment of Laclede’s Landing that began in the late 1970s.

2012-03-27_1332859930Langa commented, “CBRE is still going through the selection process with Metro and no decision has yet been made.” Langa further commented, “Metro had no timetable for when a decision was expected to be reached.”

Metro operates 75 bus routes, two light rail lines, and employs nearly 3,000 in the metropolitan area. According to 2009 statistics from the American Public Transportation Association Metro ranked No.33 largest transit agency among the top 50 in the United States while the St. Louis metropolitan area ranked No.18 among urbanized areas with the most transit travel.

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  • STLEnginerd

    If metro does move, I wonder if they would consider moving to Union Station the historic transit hub of St. Louis. Just a thought. It’s not REALLY ideal probably but I really want Union Station to be more of a hub again. Always looking for opportunities to push it in that direction.

  • M Stromboli

    I think that this is a horrible idea. If Metro leaves this building, then it would just become another vacant building at Laclede’s Landing, which isn’t needed. Plus, who would buy the building? Afterall, it’s “obsolete”. Metro would get stuck with an old building, while getting saddled with rent or purchase of some other building. They should be good stewards of historic properties and stay at their current location, even if there’s a cost to fix up the building. I’d rather them spend more money (yes, I know most of it is taxpayer money) keeping the current building around for another 100 years than to move away, leaving it with an uncertain life expectancy. Lastly, with Metro operating many Arch and Riverfront entities, in addition to the transit operations, it makes good sense to stay. Don’t move! Restore!

    • Alex Ihnen

      The rumor is that the building could become residential.

  • John R

    I think this could be a win-win for both the Landing and the downtown core business district if the building is converted to residential and the workers are relocated across the I-70 divide. It also would lessen the need for a replacement garage on the Arch garage if it is decided to tear down the current one.

  • T-Leb

    The Landing lost relevance for me when it lost Mississippi Nights.