Update: Cherokee Street Mixed Use Rehab Progressing (2900 Cherokee)

When we last checked into the $75,000+ rehab of 2900 Cherokee in the Gravois Park neighborhood, the stately mixed use building’s storefront had not yet been restored.

Below is a photograph from a few weeks ago that shows the building to be quite transformed with its new storefront:

And here, for good measure, is the older shot of the building previously posted on this blog (courtesy of Michael Allen), dating to late summer 2012:

Click here for a map of the area.

ALSO! SIDE NOTE TO READERS: If you’ve noticed the action slowing around this blog, it’s not for lack of enthusiasm. Winter is infamous for a slowdown in rehab projects and new construction, but worry not—there is still a long backlog of projects from late Fall 2012 to cover (not to mention update posts, like this one).