Three Four Families Rehabbed in Hyde Park (2018-20, 2022-24, and 2026-28 Mallinckrodt)

Three four-family structures in Hyde Park have been rehabbed as a part of the Hyde Park South Development. The structure at 2018-20 Mallinckrodt was rehabbed for $600,000; 2022-24 was rehabbed for $497,000; and 2026-28 was rehabbed for $497,000. Each structure is now a three-family.

Below is a recent photograph of 2018-20 Mallinckrodt:

And here is a photograph of 2022-24 and 2026-28 Mallinckrodt:

Below is a Google Streetview shot of all three buildings prior to rehab (in Fall 2011):

Click here for a map of the area.