Cheshire Restaurants Under Rehab (7036 Clayton Avenue)

Local landmark hotel The Cheshire, under new management since 2010, will soon receive a bevy of new restaurants as well. The restaurants are located just inside city limits at 7036 Clayton Avenue; the hotel is located in Richmond Heights.

New owner Stephen O’Loughlin sunk $12 million into the restaurant portion of the site. When completed, the complex will contain the following:

The Restaurant at The Cheshire. The hotel’s flagship restaurant will seat up to 168 people and will focus on wood-roasted meats and seafood along with nostalgic items from the old Cheshire’s menu, such as prime rib and rotisserie chicken. Open daily for dinner. Projected opening: Oct. 29.

Basso. This modern American-Italian restaurant, located in the hotel’s lower level, will feature homemade pizzas and pastas. A bar is located in the center of the space, with seating for 174 available throughout. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Projected opening: Late November.

The Smoking Room. This small, intimate, members-only cigar lounge will have a selection of scotch and wine to pair with stogies. Members will each receive a key to let themselves into the no-sign club. Projected opening: Late December. 

The Market. Coffee, pastries, deli items and wine will be the main elements of this small sit-down and to-go shop located on the east side of The Cheshire. Projected opening: Late December. 

Source:St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Below are a few recent photographs of construction activity:

Click here for a map of the area.