• concerned homeowner

    Do not buy this house. We bought a house rehabbed by Bi-State Property. Everything has been done wrong! Electrical issues requiring rewiring of the house, the duct system is completely messed up which we are currently tearing down walls to replace all of it, plumbing problems…I could go on for days! The house looked nice and we paid for an inspection and had them fix a few things but behind the walls nothing was done properly. Every corner was cut! And the Home Warranty of America they included is a bigger scam than they are…check them out on BBB.

    • Mike F

      Sounds like a story right out of a Mike Holmes episode. And much like they do in Canada, the laws here in the USA favor the contractor and the developer. And of course there’s the problem of the disappearing LLC. LLC’s should never have been codified into law. A horribly abusive and corrupt incorporation method.

    • Adam

      So is there no way, outside of a costly legal battle, to get restitution even if you can show that the work behind the walls was not up to code?